by louise2333 27 Apr 2009

Hi Cuties I am fairly new to embroidery and have been asked to do a christening gown for my great niece. Do any of you have a site for free crosses or other designs that would be appropriate?


by embroiderynikki 01 May 2009

Here are a few crosses:

by tubby 27 Apr 2009

I have sent you a private message

by clawton 27 Apr 2009

Looks like you got a few responses.

by iris2006 27 Apr 2009

You've got your answers just a warm welcome to this family

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shirlener88 by shirlener88 02 May 2009

I see you are using Ruthie's welcome to the family - how sweet.

by gerryvb 27 Apr 2009

well you've got the answers I wanted to give, so i give you a flower instead and a welcome!

by pennifold 27 Apr 2009

There are some lovely crosses on Ann the Gran. I know you said free ones, but there are some absolutely fabulous ones on Adorable Affordable Designs - I bought them last year and have used them a lot. Also the Mad Woman of Locke has a beautiful celtic one. Good luck and welcome to the best embroidery site in the world.

Love and blessings Chris

by meganne 27 Apr 2009

Barb & Shirlene have given you the same answer I would have. If you want more to choose from you need to look on pages 24 & 23. Download as many as you like and do a test stitch on similar material to your christening gown.
hugs n roses and welcome to Cute, Meganne

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louise2333 by louise2333 27 Apr 2009


by shirlener88 27 Apr 2009

You can click on this link - or go to the top of the page and click on the words - DESIGNS BY CUTIES, for those cross' - *4U

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louise2333 by louise2333 27 Apr 2009

Thank you very much

by blhamblen 27 Apr 2009

Look no further than this on "designs By Cuties" in the upper right corner...Megganne designed some small crosses and you will find them there...While you are there I'm sure you will find other "things" that you MUST HAVE!!! WELCOME TO CUTE!

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louise2333 by louise2333 27 Apr 2009

Thank you for the info and the warm welcome!