by angelmakes3 23 Apr 2009

Does anyone have any ideas why Cute keeps getting farther & farther behind??????????


by celticlady1031 23 Apr 2009

I can only assume it's because not everyone votes everyday. I try but don't always make it there.

by jjjj 23 Apr 2009

Yes - the answer it's so difficult to get into this site, it's far too popular! I often find I cannot access it as there are too many people here already. (This is a 'tongue in cheek' answer but I do wish I wasn't shut out so often.)

by gg2009 23 Apr 2009

I almost always (don't want to lie) go and vote when I download our freebies. I guess we should all make it a habit when we d/l the first design here, vote for CUTE before we go any further.

by marjialexa Moderator 23 Apr 2009

First, we all need to keep voting! But, that being said, I took a look at the ABC Embroidery site. They not only offer designs, but stabilizer, thread, notions, etc. They probably have a larger customer base to draw on because of the added products, and therefore more people that could vote. That doesn't mean we shouldn't TRY, however!! So, go vote!! hugs, Marji

by gerryvb 23 Apr 2009

don't understand it either !!! come-on everybody let's do it !

by lv2sew 23 Apr 2009

Guess we all better go vote if we haven't already done so...thanks for the reminder! *