by mariahail 20 Apr 2009

negative coments, when I post lots of them I get the reminder for shirlene or now a pm from another cutie, why is that other people don't get it? Should'nt you be happy to get the free designs? I am because after all we post the freebies with love and in a sharing spirit of caring and friendship, I do appreciated all the freebies, because after all we are not forced to post them, we are doing it because we care, and that is more important that any design in the world....By the way the comments came a little late because I had been posting freebies on the bookmark section for your information...or you just forgot to look there? It has always been a personal DISCRIMINATION towards me...but like I said I am not going to stop posting just because somebody wants to play police and give tickets just to the ones they don't like, still there are lots lots lots of nice cuties here. And to close I will like to see EVERYBODY POSTING IN BOOKMARKS, NOT JUST A FEW. LOVE AND HUGS.


by newipswich 21 Apr 2009

Thank you for taking the time to post all those freebies! I don't go onto many other embroidery sites often. I come here, scroll down the posts, read the ones I want, .... and download freebies. It's like visiting friends! Thanks so much for your part. :-)

by chubbylilblkcat 21 Apr 2009

Mariahail I appriciate you and keep it up, I really don't see the big deal here. Can't we all just get along ... :) xoxoxox

by moonz328 21 Apr 2009

I dont always say thank you for your many links to freebies at the time so I will say a BIG thank you for them all now and please don't stop!
*to all

by persiancatlover 21 Apr 2009

i dont mind that you are posting freebies,please keep on posting them,the people who dont appreciate them dont have to read your posting,keep on posting them i'm shure that allot of us appreciate what you are doing,i apprciate it allot,gr connie

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mariahail by mariahail 21 Apr 2009

thanks connie!!!xoxoxoxo

by clawton 21 Apr 2009

I believe we all appreciate your free designs and your reminder as to when you post them. Thanks

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mariahail by mariahail 21 Apr 2009


by aviesel 21 Apr 2009

I am a little lost here with this post and why there are "police" etc. This site doesn't appear to have a moderator, so why does anyone send you "reminders" or "negative" comments if that is what you are saying? I guess I'm lost as to why anyone thinks they are in charge when there is no one in charge except the site owner.

This forum seems to be the practical place to post "freebies" with tags to sort out the posts for those who are looking for a specific topic. The bookmarks section appears to be a good place to reference resources, not just a one time post for a hourly/daily/weekly/monthly freebie. I guess I'm lost as to why anyone would want to bury a list of good resources for tips, etc. under a deluge of freebie posts.

Oh well, each to his/her own opinion on this subject. But, personally, I don't have time to wade through the bookmarks to find the good reference sites as it is. Tried that only to give up on it.

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mariahail by mariahail 21 Apr 2009

There is not police, it was a joke, some people THINK they are in charge, LOL. Thanks for your comments. xoxoxoxo

by mad14kt 21 Apr 2009

Maria I have enjoy seeing the many freebies that you and other "Cuties" post. Please keep'em comin' ;D *2U

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mariahail by mariahail 21 Apr 2009

I will.Thanks.***

by lflanders 21 Apr 2009

Maria, you lost me somewhere in there but I can say that I personally do not care where you or anyone else post anything as long as it all stays friendly and everyone shows everyone else respect and appreciation for all that they do! This is a wonderful group and I want it to stay that way! Since I found this group I look forward to getting on the computer every morning even though some days are very very bad for me. I am a very upbeat person but even I can hit bottom sometimes when the pain gets so bad that the meds do not touch it! This is not something I expected in my golden years but it hit rather early! Being able to come to the computer and hear all read all the friendly messages from all these great people I have met online give me a better start on my day! I have very rarely been online and read anything from Meganne that was not uplifting and most of the time comical undertones and sometimes downright funny. If Meganne can laugh at herself and all that is going on with her then I know I can do the same! She is not the only one but I used her as an example. I appreciate all that each of you do daily no matter how small or large. This is a fun place to spend alot of time. Since I have been here I have had illness, alot of pain and sorror,the scare of my life, and even the death of a fairly young family member and every single one of you have been just wonderful through it all. By the way, my son is doing just great with his physical therapy since his Heart Attack last month at 42! I can not believe that anyone here would intentionally try to hurt another person's feelings for any reason. Of course, we do all have bad days at times. Maria, you can post the freebies on the bathroom walls as long as you keep them coming as far as I am concerned. I am on disability and have tried to get some extra help and they tell me that I get too much money to qualify. I get just a tad over 1,000. a month and my lot rent is $500. a month. That leaves utilities, groceries, my meds, and my car and medical insurance plus the Dr. bills. I make too much to get any help! I would love to see the person that told me that have to live on $1000. a month. This and my health is why I love all the great Q.T's here. They are down to earth everyday people that understand how hard it is to get by sometimes. If you are having a bad day, you can get online and read a few emails and just feel better. I have always had an off the wall personality but have tried to tone it down so all of you do not think I am nuts but the email I posted about Diddle was completely understood. That was just a taste of my crazinest. Today I am running a fever and not at my greatest but I have been right here all day. Please do not let anyone get you down! This is the place you need to come to so you can feel good and have fun! Chalk it up as a misunderstanding on your part or their part but post anywhere as long as Veronika does not stop all of us! hehe We enjoy hearing from you any and all the time! Linda in Ga

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mariahail by mariahail 21 Apr 2009

Praise the Lord that your son is doing better!!!!Just keep praying. I understand you perfectly I am on disability too, so I know....Love and hugs.

by caydebug 21 Apr 2009

Maria, I, too, enjoy the freebies and all the work that is put into finding them. Never do I go to the Bookmark section. It is just not as friendly as the community page. I too enjoy and look forward to the freebies, not working because I stay at home and take care of my Mom, it really helps me to get the designs I can use. I don't have a problem using the bookmark section, if that is what everyone wants, but do not see a problem with the way this section is used either. I so enjoy all of the funny remarks, prayers, encouragement, love, understanding (I could go on all day) that comes with the free designs. It is worth so much more. And what is the difference between the tags in Topics and the tags at the top of the page. One click is as good as another. I think that you and others should keep posting in this forum and in the other. I don't want to take sides, but I still do not see the problem with doing thing the way we are since the topics will cut out the other stuff.

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mariahail by mariahail 21 Apr 2009


by marjialexa Moderator 21 Apr 2009

Maria, I certainly hope you are not getting any negative Private Messages about posting freebies!! As far as I can see, you are posting freebies under the "designs" category, not the "general" category, and that's what my tutorial was asking people to do. It would be very helpful if everyone would do the same, because then we could efficiently use the "sort" function of this website to actually find what we're ALL looking for, whether it's freebies, general questions, etc. It would truly be a lot easier if everyone posted freebies in the bookmark section, but I don't think that's going to happen, so posting under "designs" is the next best thing. You are NOT doing anything wrong. There are a few who don't seem to read or understand the tutorials about how to post the freebies, and there are newbies who missed the tutorial altogether, I think. But please, Maria, I surely hope you are not feeling picked on, because you are doing it "right", and providing a helpful service to those who want that service. Hang in there, my friend, love you, Marji

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mariahail by mariahail 21 Apr 2009

Thanks, yes I did receive a PM message, and I know that since you posted the tutorial I been doing it right. Hugs.

by ezzemml 21 Apr 2009

There is a lot of people that love you here and are with you and are so grateful for what you do as many of the sites you have given us we would never of known of them or if we did even how to get around them many of our cutie friends need those freebies and as do I thank you. Also if you have problems why not send an email to Veronika and talk it over with her. She is very nice and responds to all.way down at the bottom of the page there is a place that say's contact us . love you and love your posts. Thanks again.

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mariahail by mariahail 21 Apr 2009


by gg2009 21 Apr 2009

I am on a fixed income, and appreciate the posting of freebies VERY MUCH ... they keep my machine humming. PLEASE .. KEEP IT UP!!

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mariahail by mariahail 21 Apr 2009

Great, we want those machines running, LOL. xoxoxoxo

by deborah1789 21 Apr 2009

I thought it was just me! and I haven't posted that many! I really appreciate the freebies you post. Keep it up!

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mariahail by mariahail 21 Apr 2009


by angelmakes3 21 Apr 2009

I don't understand! I am very computer challenged & don't post anything. But am so thankful for this site. When my old hand me down comp died, & lost a LOT, I just came here & got everything back. So is the fuss not posting in the right place or what? But please do not stop posting!!!! I have not found another site like this one///

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mariahail by mariahail 21 Apr 2009

I will not, I will post every freebie I find,like I always had. Hugs.

by misscharlie 21 Apr 2009

Maria I applaud your strength to challenge those who choose to discrimanate against you. In all fairness I don't know if the cute cops also "police" the postings of others that post freebies. I would like to hear from some of the other cuties that post freebies frequently if they get these so called friendly reminders.
Also there has been a tutorial sactioned by Veronika (the site owner) and written by marjialexa
which outlines how to post a freebie in the community.
Other than bookmarks being a tab at cute so is personal, are the cute cops "policing" the people that post their personal triumphs and tragedies in the community also?
Lastly I would really love to know if Veronika has given her blessings to these cute cops, or are they just taking it upon themselves to be the people that say "do as I say, not as I do"? Love you and miss you Maria xoxoxox *

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mariahail by mariahail 21 Apr 2009

Some people like to feel important by doing things like this, just to show how ignorant they are, I guess they forgot to read marjialexa's tutorial, and it is funny when the person sending the PM do not have ONE posting on bookmarks, all on the same questions area, LOL.Love and miss you too.

by modo 21 Apr 2009

Please, keep posting*

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mariahail by mariahail 21 Apr 2009

Oh, I will, don't worry about it!!Thanks.xoxoxoxo

by gerryvb 21 Apr 2009

keep on going girl!!hugs gerry

by pennifold 21 Apr 2009

Dear Maria,
Thank you for all you do for this site. I always look at your freebies in the Bookmark section as that is where I thought we were meant to look. You do such a great job at finding the freebies and as a relatively new Cutie I thank you for that. I've just found out something new today too from Simplyrosie that if you only click on General the freebies will disappear. I personally like to see the freebies and you often find other things on the site. I just wanted to thank you for letting us know all this information. It is gratifying to see how much time and effort goes into this site. I have never felt so much love and warmth from such a fine group of women and men. Congratulations to Veronika and you and all the other people who donate their time and gifts.

Love and blessings to you Chris

1 comment
mariahail by mariahail 21 Apr 2009

Thank you pennifold, Love.

by colonies1 21 Apr 2009

Maria, I love the freebies you post and do hope you do not stop. As far as I know it is part of what to do here. I post some some times. *4u all

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mariahail by mariahail 21 Apr 2009


by denise49 21 Apr 2009

You keep posting those freebies,you are taking time out of your day to post them for the cuties when you don't have to, I really appreciate the links you give us. So here's a flower from me to you.

1 comment
mariahail by mariahail 21 Apr 2009

Thanks one for you too...****

by daisy530 21 Apr 2009

Hi Maria--You are a sweetie and a cutie! I love this site and you--Jeez, look at your flowers! Here's another flower for you. I'm a newbie (like 3 months) and I did fall for the freebies at first, but in the last couple of weeks came see the love and caring from the cuties for each other. Only last night I read the Loretta post and it touched and broke my heart. Find another group with such love. I just haven't seen any negative comments. If cuties want freebies they should click on Bookmarks. If they want to talk to the community, they should click on community--just like now. Love you, Daisy

1 comment
mariahail by mariahail 21 Apr 2009

Thanks, you are so sweet! Love and hugs.

by simplyrosie 21 Apr 2009

Maria, I love your freebies, and posting them under designs is exactly what we're supposed to do. If other members don't like them, they can click on "general" instead of "all" and the freebie postings will disappear. Just ignore what nasty things people write Maria... you keep being YOU and giving these links with excitement and love. That heart of your is exactly what me, Charlie and other cuties fell in love with. miss you my friend!

1 comment
mariahail by mariahail 21 Apr 2009

I miss you all too!!!Love.

by marymoore 21 Apr 2009

girl keep em going i love them posts for freebies and as long as they are marked designs i see no harm at all i dont look at the bookmarks section after the quiltery thing that happened i do not touch the bookmark section at all thank u for the freebies post

by emily16838 20 Apr 2009

You go girl...sometimes its the only fun things to look forward too...I love the free designs too Thank you so much from me

by read180 20 Apr 2009

thanks for all the free information. even when I use the freebies I often find something on the site I like to buy

1 comment
mariahail by mariahail 20 Apr 2009


by mariahail 20 Apr 2009

I also remember somebody saying that as long as the posting was mark under "free designs" that it was OK to post any where, so...Is that going to change too?xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxx

mops by mops 21 Apr 2009

Maria, I like this site too and I love seeing your posts. The answer to your question here is: if you post under 'Designs' INSTEAD of 'General, it will show in 'All' (which is default when you click Community) and in 'Designs', but not in 'general'. But I think some newbies have no idea what is meant by the different taps Veronika created for our ease of use. There are designs posted under 'tips', 'community suggestion' and even as 'report-website-bug'. And this site has no moderator who could re-cathegorize or delete as she sees fit. Questions about 'software' or 'tips and tricks' have their separate taps as well and are easy to find if they too are used instead of 'general', nice if you want to help and not go through 'all' to find them. So keep you posts coming, please, but don't be shocked or feel offended when an old question is brought to the top by someone you wants to help explain a few things about the use of the tags. oxox

mariahail by mariahail 21 Apr 2009

I always post in designs and tagged the free.I do feel offended when somebody PM with a copy of the posting, LOL. Hugs.

by ewroland 20 Apr 2009

I appreciate all the postings for free designs.
I have spent entirely too much money for designs, etc and now I'm having to cut back on spending.

1 comment
mariahail by mariahail 20 Apr 2009

We all can use some free designs!!!!Thanks.****

by lindaavolio 20 Apr 2009

Maria...thank you for posting the free designs...I LOVE THEM!! I also post freebies under the 'Design' listing...hope that's OK???
Again, keep them coming!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANKS!!!

1 comment
mariahail by mariahail 20 Apr 2009

Thanks...I will.****