by cleusaap 25 Mar 2009

Please, what format is this KRZ, and manual or machine which



by blhamblen 25 Mar 2009

Have no IDEA, But here is a *

by gg2009 25 Mar 2009

I think a .krz file is a (working) tempy cross stitch file used by 3D/4D embroidery software. I don't think it can be embroidered out until it becomes a permanent one.

by aviesel 25 Mar 2009

Someone answered that question for me and it is a file type used by 3D & 4D software used by Viking machines, I think. Hope that helps

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michele921 by michele921 25 Mar 2009

I have 4D and do not believe it's for me I use SHV I think KRZ is for indutrial machines if you go to some of the industial sites you can check

by mops Moderator 25 Mar 2009

I've no idea what KRZ is. Where did you come across it? Maybe I can help then.