by hazelgrace 20 Jul 2007

Has anybody purchased a Hoop it all and used it on a Husqvarna SE or DEsigner 1. How do you rate these hoops and this different system of hooping? I am interested in a large 14 1/2 wide one.


by cutiepie 23 Jul 2007

Well, I have a Hoop-It-All, but I don't have either of those machines. As for rating the Hoop-It-All, it is fairly good. The major drawback, in my opinion, is that it is supposed to use sticky-backed stabilizer to hold your project in place, and that can gum up your needles and stuff while you work. I've had a bit of success using tape and cut-away stabilizers, but even then, there is still the sticky mess left behind on the hoop. Hope that helps you decide what you are going to do.

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hazelgrace by hazelgrace 09 Aug 2007

Thanks for your comments. I feel that it is a lot of money to invest if it isn't marvellous. Waiting for more feed back.