by ssarner 26 Feb 2009

At f1st, my laptop started cursor problem about 3 weeks ago. The sympton was like something holding down the keyboard that the cursor non stop moving. My initial thought was, got virus. Therefore, I downloaded MacFee to scan the entire laptop with external hard drive. Did find 2 virus & 2 trojans. The 2 virus were removed by McaFee, but the 2 trojans were quarentined. The cursor problem was still there. I did not like the word quarentined. What I wanted was to remove those two trojans. So, I searched on the internet and found out Macfee could not remove those two trojans. While I was searching on the internet, I also found one free software will remove those two trojans. Then, I downloaded this remove trojan software and removed the two trojans on my laptop, but the cursor problem continued. At this point, I was thinking it has to be the latest Microsoft update caused the cursor problem. I also found lots of sites mentioned about the microsoft latest update caused the cursor problem.

My second choice was to roll back or the better word was to restore my laptop to the day of the update. Of course, I did that, but the cursor problem was still uncontrollable. During my research on internet, I also found out that some of the virus or trojan were so sophisticate that the latest anti virus software could not detect. In the back of my mind, my laptop had to has one of those sophisticated virus that caused my laptop cursor uncontrollable. The third option was to reformat my laptop and reinstall windows xp. Before I did that, I gave one one trial was to disable the touch pad and the cursor problem was there.

This was the third option which I reformat my laptop with brand new installation of Windows XP, but uncontrollable cursor was still exit. At this point, I was thinking it had to be the hardware problem. I would need new laptop, but new laptop with the latest and greatest configuration would costed me about $1500. In a sense, I started searhing my next new laptop. Before I really finally gave up my old laptop. I got one more thing I would like to do.

I made a phone call to and talked to one to the tech support guy. It was becasue they selled lots of refurbished my same model of laptops. They got to see lots of different types of laptop problem that I could even think of. On the phone, I told and described the problem and train of my trials to him. His first response was my keyboard was fried. To make a long story short, on the phone he taught me how to open the laptop and take the keyboard out. After knowing that, I decided to open the laptop and unplugged the keyboard, then the uncontrollable cursor was gone. To further proof the keyboard was the problem, I plugged the keyboard back and the cursor uncontrollable sympton showed up. So, I called the tech guy back and thanked him teaching me about the keyboard. While I was on the phone, he informed me that they did sale the same model of keyboard for $3.95 plus shipping.


by jofrog2000 26 Feb 2009

Gives you a good feeling when you can figure it all out, doesn't it? I'm happy for you. And, thanks so much for this company. I've had to get myself a new laptop-my baby lasted 7 years, and I miss her-but they don't give you parallel ports, which I have a dongle for. I went and read and found that I can get a tower for not too much, with that parallel port! Glad I have an option, now.

by lbrow 26 Feb 2009

Great job of perservearence Soi *4U

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ssarner by ssarner 27 Feb 2009

Thanks Lillian.

by gerryb 26 Feb 2009

Wow! Now THAT is what I call a "hunt!" Glad you solved it & was able to keep your computer! I hate having to "upgrade". Have been hanging on to this one as it does NOT have the VISTA and my softwear program, 3D, is not compatable with VISTA. I know there's a way to do it by allowing part of your computer to be XP, but what a pain! And now you can download more designs!! :-)

by dailylaundry 26 Feb 2009

Thanks for your info - sorry, you had such a time but, just shows that if you keep at a problem - you can usually solve it!!! (and save a heap of money)
Good work!!! (pat yourself on the back!)

by blhamblen 26 Feb 2009

Good thing you didn't trash the old and buy NEW! I hate loosing things when I have a crash & burn:(

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ssarner by ssarner 26 Feb 2009

Computer parts are so environmental unfriendly. Glad I can use this old one little longer.

by kathyjt 26 Feb 2009

Sure good to hear you got it fixed.

by mad14kt 26 Feb 2009

Soi, happy that ALL worked out for your good. Those YUCKY virsus ;D *2U

by mops Moderator 26 Feb 2009

It certainly paid off for you that you persevered. How lucky you are not to have given up!

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ssarner by ssarner 26 Feb 2009

Just hate to see waste good laptop. I have very attachy feeling to him.

by meganne 26 Feb 2009

Well done Girl! Your perserverence paid off and you've learned a valuable lesson about how dangerous viruses and trojans can be too. I feel very happy that you solved your problems. Thanks for sharing.
Hugs n roses, Meganne

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ssarner by ssarner 26 Feb 2009

You are very welcome, but this one was not causing by virus. It is hardware problem. What a relief!!!!!!