by anna25775 19 Feb 2009

has anyone noticed that Embroiderylibrary retires designs forever every now & then? I realised this when going through my order history yesterday-6 were gone! So make sure you save designs safely!


by clawton 19 Feb 2009

I'm not sure, but this may be the site that they are available only so long after ordering.

by adelmarie 19 Feb 2009

did not know they will get wiped off your history. Thanks a lot for the information. Guess better check my order history. *2U

by lv2sew 19 Feb 2009

Yeap...I was a little upset with myself as I didn't realize this until last week when I went to retrieve one from my order history...well I went and downloaded my entire history and burned them on a disc...I wish they would send out some kind of notice but I guess that would create a whole lot of work..guess I just get mad at myself for being lazy!! some lose least I know now..

by tindo 19 Feb 2009

where do you find retired sets at Embroidery Library??? I have never seen them. can you give me the way to the link
thanks marlene

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anna25775 by anna25775 20 Feb 2009

check your order history if you have ever bought from them. there might be some designs that you have bought that are no longer there cos they have been retired and are no longer available.

by jasanne 19 Feb 2009

Noticed that for the first time the other day when I went to re-download some designs.

by katydid 19 Feb 2009

I lost a bunch recently when I was trying to burn a CD. I will now have to go back and get old orders. I hope they are still there. One time I got mad because the underlay was on top in Art format, so I went back and downloaded in DST as I was told they were designed in that format, but the colors were so screwed up that I went back to Art format.

by mad14kt 19 Feb 2009

Nope, didn't know that ;D *2U