by suezz 12 Feb 2009

I really like the designs on this site. After coming here for some months I became a member in December. It's one of the best thing I have done! It sure is nice to be able to get the designs when you would like them instead of waiting for them to be free. Here in Florida the weather is beautiful. It will go up to 78 today! The pasted few weeks it did get down in the high teens and low 20s a few nights. Thanks, all for now. Sue


by jayemcee46 12 Feb 2009

try sending a request by PM to Veronika who owns the site. Glad to have your company and yes it is addictive here. Please send some of your sun and warm weather to us in Uk- it is still winter here, though spring is on it's way lol Jo

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suezz by suezz 14 Feb 2009

Thanks for your help. It only went up to 66 today! *4Y

by mops Moderator 12 Feb 2009

The only way to ask for designs is to ask Veronika, the site owner by going to the bottom of the page and clicking on 'contact us'. Post your request and you'll get an automatic acknowledgement almost immediately and an answer within 24 hrs. Good luck.

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suezz by suezz 14 Feb 2009

Thanks, *4Y