by minnieb 05 Feb 2009

anyone know how to change hoop size in Wilcom truesizer

I am trying to save a Pes to Jef but it tells me the design is to large


by ruthie 09 Feb 2009

Minnie, I've only just seen this, sorry. Try the following link, read my answer, and see if that helps. It's an answer that I gave a few weeks ago. Let us know if you still need help after that. I use jef files and don't find them any more difficult than any other file. Hugs and flowers for you sweetie.

by ejtads 05 Feb 2009

I am glad that you had asked this question. I have trouble getting it started for me to convert to jef.

by misscharlie 05 Feb 2009

Here is a Truesizer Tutorial I hope this helps you *

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minnieb by minnieb 05 Feb 2009


by marymoore 05 Feb 2009

oh my the jef format is a hard one to work with a picky format if it does not fit in the hoop for jef it needs to be resized by you and then saved my email is in my profile if you need help i use wilcom to digitize with

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minnieb by minnieb 05 Feb 2009

but I want it the size it is and I have larger hoops

by mad14kt 05 Feb 2009

Good question ;D *2U

by smoke1275 05 Feb 2009

When you save the file in your format, a window will come up and ask you the size of frame you wish to use, just click on the on you want. If you choose a smaller frame it will resize it for. I hope this answers it for you.

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minnieb by minnieb 05 Feb 2009

no window comes up you must have diferent program than me

by jayemcee46 05 Feb 2009

can't help but someone is bound to know how Jo