by jasanne 30 Jan 2009

getting tempramental and I am getting really frustrated with it. Especially with FSL! Any comments would be appreciated. Thankyou


by caydebug 30 Jan 2009

I have a Brother as does my Sister. Not that one but I don't think you can go wrong with a Brother.

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jasanne by jasanne 30 Jan 2009

I've heard lots of good things about brother machines, I have a brother overlocker which I think is great, but that is the only brother machine I have actually used.

by blhamblen 30 Jan 2009

I wish I had one to comment on....:)

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jasanne by jasanne 30 Jan 2009

If I do get it I'll let ya know!! :)

by michelej 30 Jan 2009

No comment on the brother 4000d, have no idea...sorry, but a * for you anyway..

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jasanne by jasanne 30 Jan 2009

flowers always help :)

by nurselilly 30 Jan 2009

I have the 1500D and love it sorry i cant comment on the 4000 havent used one and at the time i really couldnt justify spending the extra $2,000 + for a coloured screen and the ability to use a usb (flash)drive as you can use the usb cable to your computer it does have some extra stitches and designs but you can get them. they retail for about $7000 here and you can get good specials around mothers day and xmas saving at least $1,000 and getting bonus pe design and trolly bags in that price so check them out as i have seen second hand ones sell for about the same price as the specials. worth a look. they did have the 4000D out for $5999 with pe design 7 trolly bag and matching accessory bag the 1500D was out for $2,999 with pe design lite and trolly and accessory bag the deals are available at all stockests of brother machines hope this helps good luck :)

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jasanne by jasanne 30 Jan 2009

Can't find it new in NZ anymore - was still available around october last year at $6000 new. I am looking at a secondhand one that has only done 138000 stitches, the lady has hardly used it! it has only sewn out a few designs, and been used it for normal sewing. for hopefully $2800NZ I think it's a good deal.

by rmj8939 30 Jan 2009

I have owned one for 4 years and have done a lot of sewing and embroidery on mine and up til about 2 weeks ago it has been a dream. Right now I am waiting for a new memory board to be put into it. I was lucky as it is under warranty for five years. I have enjoyed mine up til now. I can do a lot with it.

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jasanne by jasanne 30 Jan 2009

Thankyou for your comments.