by ssarner 29 Jan 2009

I just got this email attachment. Thought I might share with you all.


by gerryb 30 Jan 2009

Is there a by line for whose photo that is? It looks like an altered photo to me. BUT I did see a neat pencil sketch of a plane landing in a river with a city skyline behind it and under each wing setting it down were two large hands! We know Who sat that plane down without loss of life.

by blhamblen 30 Jan 2009

I still think that crew did a GREAT Job saving everybody...that COULD have been a bloody MESS...I heard they can't put any kind of mesh in front of the engines to keep the "STUFF" out cuz it changes the airflow...I don't think I'll be flying for a while either!

by misscharlie 30 Jan 2009

Well I spose since the wings are in the middle of the plane that is one reason 1st class gets the raft. Also the majority of the crew is in the front of the the plane so it also makes sense that there is a raft for them. What doesn't make sense is why there isn't more than one raft. Also if I am ever on a plane that goes down in water I am going to the front of the plane to exit lol. I heard on the news that the airline sent each passenger of the crash a check for $5k for lost damaged luggage, I think the folks that got wet should've gotten a little bit more. *

by lisaatwell1984 29 Jan 2009

Oh, great I am sitting in an airport waiting for my flight. We have tried to take a vacation at least twice. Each time we get a huge snow storm and have to cancel. The first was the late winter blizzard of 08. Now it was the snow emergency of 09, we were to fly out Wed, and could not get out of our drive way. We had at least 12 inches of snow. Today I sit at the airport, my flight cancelled, but deverted, should arrive in AZ at Midnight, it is currently 2:15pm at the Dayton International airport.

ssarner by ssarner 29 Jan 2009

U r 1 hr adhead of me, so should be in the east coast. Hope u get to AZ 2nite safely.

handy by handy 29 Jan 2009


ssarner by ssarner 29 Jan 2009

If u have 1st class, your feet won't be wet.

by jayemcee46 29 Jan 2009

brings new meaning to wing walking lol Jo

by ssarner 29 Jan 2009

First Class vs Coach Class.

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mops by mops 29 Jan 2009

Did not know first class meant free 'boat'ride...