by crowe 18 Jan 2009

Hi Cuties,

could i, if possible, have a vote for the V in the snowflake font please. I only need this one to complete the set and i will do the same for anyone else who needs a vote for something


by iris2006 19 Jan 2009

see you already have an answer from sewmom. That is the way how we all vote. Once you are on Letvia's list it mabey takes some time but be patience and you will see. I'm just adding a FLOWER

by shadoe 18 Jan 2009

You got my vote and i'll do it evertday til you get it,

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iris2006 by iris2006 19 Jan 2009

See the answer of sewmom Shadoe, it helps a lot to do it and to get a design

by crowe 18 Jan 2009

thanks will do

by shirlener88 18 Jan 2009

Crowe, I see you have a great answer from sewmom - so I will just add a flower for you. *4U

by sewmom 18 Jan 2009

You need to send a Private Message to Letvia. She will tell everyone what to vote for each day so that we are organized and get what we want. Happy collecting!
This answer is from jrob to someone that had a similar request; Click on Community. You will see 3 tabs at the top. The third one is PRIVATE. to the right you will see Private message rectangle. Click on it and you will see To: type in Letvia and then your request.

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iris2006 by iris2006 19 Jan 2009

Thanks sewmom