by smokey101 04 Jul 2007

hi - i am looking for somehting nice in a Pelican design - has anyone seen one or know where i can find one - freebie would be good but otherwise ...


by jrob Moderator 05 Jul 2007

the is also a free one at

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shirlener88 by shirlener88 23 Apr 2008


by jrob Moderator 05 Jul 2007

There is one at http://www.amazingembroiderydesig...
She has on a hat. Very cute!

by cutiepie 05 Jul 2007

I'm not sure if it is what you have in mind, but I found a freebie at that is a cute little pelican. It is in PCS format, but if you need a different format than that, look at the earlier question about the "resizer" software, since that will also convert designs from one format to another. You can just do a Google (or Yahoo, or whatever search engine you use) search for "free embroidery design" and whatever qualifier you are looking for (pelican, bear, heart, etc.) Hope that helps you. =]