by dgrammy 10 Dec 2008

The puppies are growing up and running and playing.Here is some pics I took last night.So far no one can pick just one,they have 2 favs and can't decide which one they want .Here they come!


by mariahail 12 Dec 2008

Oh how cute!!!!they are exactly the same color that my grandkids boxer was, well still is, except that he is not a bay anymore, he is a big dog...very protective of the kids

by workbecky 11 Dec 2008

They are soooo cute.

by shirlener88 11 Dec 2008

Very cute!

by shirleysisson 11 Dec 2008

They are too cute and cuddly. *4U

by gerryb 10 Dec 2008

Oh how adorable! I know you love them all! It would be so hard to let any of them go...even to a good home!

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dgrammy by dgrammy 11 Dec 2008

you are so right,it will be hard to let them go.2 already have wonderful new homes waiting for them.I will miss them, and hope the new owners will send me pics once in awhile.One is going to my grandson so I will see him grow up,and I am hoping this will make it easier.

by sqdancer 10 Dec 2008

They are the cutest things just love them when they are little like that, so cuddly...

by asterixsew Moderator 10 Dec 2008

Thanks for the pics. My daughter has just got a springer pup who is equally adorable and fun.

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dgrammy by dgrammy 10 Dec 2008

All puppies are adorable and fun!

by gerryvb 10 Dec 2008

they are so lovely !!!

by clawton 10 Dec 2008

How adorable. But they look like they will be very large dogs someday!

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dgrammy by dgrammy 10 Dec 2008

They will be small house dogs around 8-15 pounds fully grown.

by simplyrosie 10 Dec 2008

I WANNA PUPPY!!!! Oh my gosh, these are so cute!!!!! :-) I just love them when they're that young... until they learn how to chew up Bragano shoes and Louis Vuitton purses! Oh yeah, I thought I was going to have a heart attack on that one... My darling Rosie figured out how to get into the closet and pull down things from shelves... Now she's 9 1/2, so we don't have that trouble anymore. She at least had good taste... what can I say? lol

CUTE little babies... I just would love to lay on the floor with them and have them crawl all over me... :-)

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dgrammy by dgrammy 10 Dec 2008

Your puppy had great taste! They are so much fun to play with now.

by marjialexa Moderator 10 Dec 2008

Oh, how precious!! I love it when my sister-in-law has pups, they're such fun!! She raises Shelties & shows them, hundreds of blue ribbons from her pack. My 2 guys came from her breeding, so we got to hold them as little ones. You must be having such fun with them, Congratulations on such cute little babies! Marji

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dgrammy by dgrammy 10 Dec 2008

Thanks and they are so much fun now,I love puppy kisses.

by sissibrode 10 Dec 2008

Ohhh they're so lovely !!!Thank you

by salsabil 10 Dec 2008

They are really cute!! Thanks for sharing!

by majgregg 10 Dec 2008

They are so cute and adorable!!

by mops Moderator 10 Dec 2008

How cute! They really are adorable.

by dgrammy 10 Dec 2008

Here they come! They are 4 weeks old today.

blessinge by blessinge 10 Dec 2008

Oh my gosh. I love puppies, do they get any cuter than this?

shirlener88 by shirlener88 11 Dec 2008

too cute!