by coco128 05 Dec 2008

Cuties, need help..I subscribe to Viking newsletter and have a promo code for a FREE design, but keep getting "not meeting requirements"...anybody have same problem or answer to problem?? thank u


by ddoersch 05 Dec 2008

The free
design number is 204221, put number in search engine and then put in your code from the email when checking out. Personally I was disappointed in the design.

coco128 by coco128 05 Dec 2008

Thanks so, so much. I even called my viking dealer and they didn't know. I thought one could "choose" a design..oh well, it's good's FREE-LOL..How did you know what to choose??? just curious...thanks again...*4u

ddoersch by ddoersch 06 Dec 2008

I am on another list for users of my machine (Designer SE) and they discussed it there...I agree the directions were very vague...

by meganne 05 Dec 2008

Sorry Coco, can't help on that one. but hugs n roses anyway, Meganne

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coco128 by coco128 05 Dec 2008

thank u ...*4u