by dpickel 03 Dec 2008

Just found out my parents MIGHT ARRIVE TONIGHT, instead of tomorrow... AAAAAGH. The frantic clean up begins. Must find the bed PDQ. It's there! Honestly. Under all the stabilizers, T-shirts, boxes of threads and more.... Where to stash it all? There is no closet in this room, hence the reason it is a bedroom/computer room/sewing room. All the walls are open to use. Weeehooooo.

Well, I had better sign off and tidy up. My luck is going that they will make it here tonight instead of stopping part way as originally planned.... And the pooch still needs a walk too. [Pulling hair out now] LOL

G'night my friends!


by sqdancer 04 Dec 2008

Guess I am lucky have all my gear in my basement, doesn't happen often that the gang arrives here as we usually head up to where everyone is...have had to clear the decks the odd time but it is a pain after to try and remember where you stashed everything...hang in there and enjoy your folks ...

by marietta 04 Dec 2008

Good luck, and enjoy your parent's visit. I know exactly how you feel. My son and he's wife has already had to sleep in a tent, on the backyard's lawn on a visit to us. Luckily we live in sunny South Africa and it was nice and warm.

by simplyrosie 04 Dec 2008

You need to buy those bed risers... it will give you almost a foot of "hidden" space under the bed... lol

by asterixsew Moderator 04 Dec 2008

Good luck, think many of us have been there too. I share my sewing area with my other half who repairs cellos. Currently I have just had to move a cello so I can use my machine. Enjoy your parents visit

by toet 04 Dec 2008

please let us know the outcome HE HE,it will take you weeks to sort it out again,dont foget to look in the oven. HE HE flower for you

by elaine45 03 Dec 2008

Good luck to you...sounds like you just may need it.

by lbrow 03 Dec 2008

LOL, U sound exactly like me, Right now I have the same problem with company coming tomorrow I just stack neatly & try to put under tables, sewing machine etc. till I make the bed available to them with a little rm to get to it. *4U

by jrob Moderator 03 Dec 2008

Just don't try and hide it in the oven.....I cooked an entire meals worth of dirty dishes one time when my dishwasher was on the fritz. Funny now, but not so much then!

sambsranch by sambsranch 03 Dec 2008

that was a good one... u almost made me ^$*# my pants... LOL

marjialexa by marjialexa 03 Dec 2008

Hee hee hee, I hid them there once, but at least I didn't cook them! Of course, I was a lot younger, and my rememberer still worked in those days....M

mona1 by mona1 03 Dec 2008

LOL. I love it. Gave me the good laugh that I needed. Thanks

mops by mops 05 Dec 2008

That's worth a laugh Jerrilyn!

by minnieb 03 Dec 2008

throw it all into plastic tubs put a table cover over the top then put a photo of them on top of that
then sort out the tub when there gone by throwing it all over the bed.
thats called Maggies house keeping no 101

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marjialexa by marjialexa 03 Dec 2008

Oh, I like it, I like it!!

by marjialexa Moderator 03 Dec 2008

Well, t-shirts & stabilizer are pretty soft to sleep on, could you tell them it's a new "euro-comfort" mattress topper? Hee hee hee, best of luck!!! Marji

by blhamblen 03 Dec 2008

I always found that empty suitcases work great to "HIDE" stuff:)

by sambsranch 03 Dec 2008

maybe u need to get a large dresser for the rm...

sambsranch by sambsranch 03 Dec 2008

maybe stuff what u can under the bed, the rest under ur bed...

pasister by pasister 03 Dec 2008

I'm with you, quickly stash it all under the bed and forget it till they leave!