by jrob Moderator 03 Dec 2008

I stitched up a couple of these from the Urban Threads web-site to have on hand for those oops, I forgot gifts.;)


by grandmamek 13 Dec 2008

thank you for sharing the web site. this is a good idea.

by mariahail 13 Dec 2008

Thank you so much, it is a nice project, I wish I could do some but I don't have any fleece!!!!! so bad!!! ***********

by raels011 13 Dec 2008

thanks for bringing this to our attention In Australia we call them wheat bags as we fill them with wheat and heat in microwave

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mariahail by mariahail 13 Dec 2008

Here in Texas we use deer feed, since the grains are bigger they hold heat longer than rice.

by quiltgrama 13 Dec 2008

great idea thanks geri

by castelyn 13 Dec 2008

Good idea to keep a few handy . Thanks

by kharriman 13 Dec 2008

Awesome!!! ***4U

by captiveillusions 13 Dec 2008

Cute, thanks!

by shirleysisson 03 Dec 2008

Thanks for sharing this great gift idea, Jerrilyn. *4U

by sandy38001 03 Dec 2008

A good idea...I need to make a few of these! *4u

by bamaasc 03 Dec 2008

Great idea! Thanks! *

by rmj8939 03 Dec 2008

Thanks. A great idea.

by relaxsew 03 Dec 2008

Thank you so much!

by marjialexa Moderator 03 Dec 2008

These are great, Jerrilyn!! I've made these before, and make my covers like a little pillowcase, I like the idea of the fold-over cover. And there's also a PDF of instruction cards you can download and print, no need to make your own, wow!! Thanks for the tip! Marji

by stork 03 Dec 2008

thank you

by elaine45 03 Dec 2008


by salsabil 03 Dec 2008

Thanks, nice idea!

by newipswich 03 Dec 2008

I love it! My sister has made the heat pads in a variety of sizes, (minus the darling embroidery!), but she uses flax seed as the filler. Thanks for sharing this link! Hugs!

by simplyrosie 03 Dec 2008

This is a wonderful simple idea that can be used all year... thanks!

by sqdancer 03 Dec 2008

Thanks jrob, great idea for the holder for I-Pod & MP3 players as well, great idea for my grand kids...

by pafhen 03 Dec 2008

Thanks for the link. Just passed some up in the mall this weekend, now I can make my own and lots less money.

by blessinge 03 Dec 2008

Great idea, thanks for sharing.

by lindaavolio 03 Dec 2008

Thank you...great idea!!! *4U

by kathyjt 03 Dec 2008

thanks *4u

by iris2006 03 Dec 2008

Thanks Jerrilyn, this is very usefull.

by workbecky 03 Dec 2008

Thanks for the suggestion. I have taken an old sock and filled with rice but this makes a much prettier gift. hehehe :)

by meganne 03 Dec 2008

Oh Yes I have several of these, well at least I have made soft fluffy covers for my various (purchased) heat pillows, having the covers means you can heat the pillows up a little hotter, so that it stays hot longer. Trouble is, when you over heat them they can supposedly catch fire, especially if filled with wheat or lavender. I like my hot water bottles better except they're not as flexible. LOL!

Making the whole thing would be a great idea but an added bonus would be to add extra length so that you could tie or velcro the ends together to keep them in place. I also have one of these and it is great to put around the neck and still be able to have both hands free.
hope this gives people even more ideas ....
Thanks for sharing Jerrilyn. we don't see you here much lately, busy preparing for Christmas???
hugs n roses, Meganne

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jrob by jrob 03 Dec 2008

swamped Meganne! I've taken in more orders than I have hours to finish....Oh, well, I can sleep next year.;)

by americangirl 03 Dec 2008

Thanks for the gift idea. These are nice.

by mops Moderator 03 Dec 2008

Great idea. I once got one as a gift, but the cover is not removable, so it's getting grubbier and grubbier. I like to warm me feet with it. Mine is filled with a mixture of wheat and lavender. Thanks for sharing.

by blhamblen 03 Dec 2008

Great Idea....I made some filled with dried field corn (Illinois of course) they seem to stay warmer longer. My whole family got one ane they are nice just when ya have a lil chill in the ol bones. THANX