by prampelb 28 Nov 2008

Ith this mix... How do you use it and what for... Thanks for refreshing my mind on this. Pat


by lv2sew 23 May 2010

there was a tip from Kenny on Emblibrary where you can use your scraps, put them in a spray bottle add water and disolve to spritz up and stiffen fsl projects that may have softened up from washing and when stiffness is needed. Perhaps on ornaments and the like..I also read on another forum that someone added something to the mix to keep it from mildewing..I can't recall what they added though.

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crousse by crousse 23 May 2010

you need to add 3% rubbing alcohol to the mixture to keep it from molding... :-)

by shazells 23 May 2010

Google Solvy Soup you will be quite amazed at what you can do with whats normaly wasted Quite amazing how it all adds up Hugs Shazells

by sewdoctor 22 May 2010

After doing a bit of research on the web, it appears that you (just guess) add the equilevalent (sp?)of one yard of WSS to 8oz of hot water,I just added until it became kinda thick, mix until it disolves completely. Add a tbls of regular alcohol, store in a clearly marked tighly capped jar in the fridge. You can use this to paint on your fabric.
I have also seen where you can pour it out onto a teflon cookie sheet (with sides)and allow the water to evaporate, and you will have a new sheet. I haven't tried this method, but I have used the "soup."

by sewdoctor 22 May 2010

Just make sure you add 3% (rubbing) alcohol to the mixture so it doesn't mold.

by kagen48 22 May 2010

You can use it to make a knit fabric (even sweaters) stiff so that you can embroider on it and it will not stretch out of shape. When you finish the embroidery you soak it to remove the solution.

by jrob Moderator 28 Nov 2008

Here you go.

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prampelb by prampelb 28 Nov 2008

Thank you. Pat

by crafty21601 28 Nov 2008

i've heard that if you wash yor free standing lace you can use that mixture to brush on it to make it stiff again once it driers.


prampelb by prampelb 28 Nov 2008

Thanks for this good idea! I didn't tought about it! Pat

crousse by crousse 23 May 2010

That's a GREAT idea! Thanks :-)