by jasanne 23 Nov 2008

Sounds like that storm that went through Brisbane is heading towards New Zealand.... Hope it has blown itself out a bit by the time it gets here :(


by manami 25 Nov 2008

Jasanne, I hope everything will be okay there. It seems we will have 4 days with rain from garden is happy, at least.

by sherylac 25 Nov 2008

Hope that you will alright, and the rain has started here again, but, nothing like it was last week!!

by jasanne 25 Nov 2008

We have been ok, the weather today in Auckland was actually pretty nice. Yesterday wasn't so good and the weather further down country has been pretty rough. Schools got closed yesterday at the top of the South Island and the kids sent home due to flooding.

by minnieb 24 Nov 2008

Hide so it can't find you
its bad
good luck

by michelej 24 Nov 2008

Oh no, I hope you will be ok. We have sunshine the past few days but Wednesday will be more rain. Let us know how it goes....*4u