by agnes92 30 Jan 2012

aucun site ne s'ouvre

by susiesembroidery 30 Jan 2012

Could not reach the site. Thank you anyway, will try again later on. Lovely evening to you all. Nice and warm here in Durban.*****

by louisecockeran 30 Jan 2012

I cant get this link to work. Hugs Louise

by verna55 30 Jan 2012

will the www.emb666 designs be put back up.

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mranderson by mranderson 30 Jan 2012

The date on this post is 24 Oct 2008, I would like to advise you not to put your e-mail address on here for security reasons. Welcome. Marg

by harry33 05 May 2009

Thank you for sharing

by colonies1 05 May 2009

thank you........*4u all

by momabear 04 May 2009

thank you

by vixentlc 04 May 2009

Thank you for the site, just one thing, I stitched out 4 different FSL designs and each one fell apart as soon as it hit water, I even changed the thread from a thin to a thicker one and still the same problem. Any advice anyone????

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mrskiki by mrskiki 30 Jan 2012

Must be poorly digitized so I would sew them out on organza or netting. Nan W

by edithfarminer 04 May 2009

Funny to read that some of you are put out by 666
I found this site some years ago and got lots of designs from there.
Many super ones. Had no problem at all.

by sandralochran 04 May 2009

Thank you

by colleta 04 May 2009

Wow!!!!!! Thanks

by waterlily 03 May 2009

Thanks so much!

by aviesel 03 May 2009

What a bonanza! woohoo!

by detailslady 03 May 2009

Thank you!

by maleah 03 May 2009

I think in the Chinese culture of Fung Shui, the 6's are a good meaning. I do know that 0's are bad to them.

by asterixsew Moderator 03 May 2009

Thanks, this site should keepall of us entertained for hours - days - weeks?

by claudenicolas 03 May 2009

Thank you for all those different links, they allow me to go to different pages, and to find so many interessant designs

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olaf by olaf 03 May 2009

Happy stitching!My english is not so good :-) I hope you found enough! Best regards from Germany!

by highlandermom 13 Jan 2009

I got couple items here fantasic stuff. I had my virus program check before I extracted. Thing is hope I did not grab something I shouldn't it came up with download zip like frebee. Like you said could take a few days and nights. I just said Ok Lord you are one I believe in so no fear here.

by shadoe 13 Jan 2009

Thanks so much i down loaded several.But i couldn't find alphabet Y-Z to complete the set.But for free I should complaine.(HA)

by auntbaba 13 Jan 2009

The 666 turns me away. I'll pass. Thanks anyway.

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meganne by meganne 04 May 2009

Turn it upside down and it's 999. just another number. :-)

by sissibrode 13 Jan 2009

thank you olaf ... but it's true that the name bothers me...

by gerryvb 13 Jan 2009

I know this site, and have even embroidered a design from this site without problems.

by becky45 13 Jan 2009

I wouldn't go on this site for all of the love and money in the world....don't like the 666's!

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meganne by meganne 04 May 2009

Turn it upside down and it's 999. just another number. :-)

by handy 12 Jan 2009

I tried one design and put it in projects
it turned out nice and have had no trouble with machine after stitching it out, so I think 666 is safe

by kharriman 11 Jan 2009

I went to the site, but didn't download anything. Don't really dare to.

by darmoola 11 Jan 2009

Too many 666's in the web addy for me....scarey...

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meganne by meganne 04 May 2009

Turn it upside down and it's 999. just another number. :-)

by grandmamek 11 Jan 2009

I too do not feel comfortable about this site. So I am passing.

by elaine45 11 Jan 2009

This is a great site...I have not stitched any of them out yet have you? I download many quite a while back with no problems...

mariahail by mariahail 11 Jan 2009

It is not the problems, it is the name of the site.***

chenille by chenille 03 May 2009

I have stitched out several..turned out lovely! Soooo many pages, sooo little time !!!

by mariahail 11 Jan 2009

This site has been posted many times, just because the numbers on this sites they could be giving away free embroidery machines and I will not go there, be careful.Thank you for sharing****

by zedna 11 Jan 2009

Thanks however I think I will pass on this one.

by migs 11 Jan 2009

I'm thinking that this is not a good site. I think one of the alpha sets looks like one of Eddy's, some others looked familiar. Any designs I downloaded will be deleted - It sure pays to be warey!

by jrob Moderator 27 Nov 2008

NOT touching this one with a 10 foot pole.

by lrichardson 27 Nov 2008

Thanks, this will keep me busy for some time. Thanks for sharing.

by gerryb 28 Oct 2008

Goodness. My first thought was "Oh. Not going to site that's 666.." then read all the other comments! Thanks anyway.

by adelmarie 28 Oct 2008

I think I pass on this one too, but thank for sharing.

by mariahail 28 Oct 2008

If they were to change the number it will probably be a nice site, but for now thanks but no thanks, I will not visit that site.***

by mysew1325 28 Oct 2008

thanks.. just downloaded many different font sets... looks great with no problems on my computer..

by michele921 28 Oct 2008

this is that japanese site I have seen this one already but thanks for showing again *4U

manami by manami 12 Jan 2009

It's a Chinese site, I wonder if they know the meaning of 666...

lique by lique 30 Jan 2012

I agree I had no idea what 666 meant till somebody explained it to me quite recently

by blhamblen 28 Oct 2008

Sure sound like a mohammed site?!?!?

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meganne by meganne 04 May 2009

Turn it upside down and it's 999. just another number. :-)
Multiples of three are my lucky number so i'm superstitious the other way.

by brendaleas 28 Oct 2008

I am with some of the others, the emb666, is not for me! Not sure if my computor would be save after opening them. But safe than sorry. But thanks for sharing. God Bless all,Brenda Lea

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meganne by meganne 04 May 2009

Turn it upside down and it's 999. just another number. :-)

by manami 28 Oct 2008

Weird number...could be 777 :) Thanks anyway.

by modo 28 Oct 2008

have you been there, is it safe?*

meganne by meganne 04 May 2009

Turn it upside down and it's 999. just another number. :-)

meganne by meganne 04 May 2009

It's all Chinese to me!!! lol!!!

aviesel by aviesel 04 May 2009

You go girl :)

aviesel by aviesel 04 May 2009 go girl :)

by jand803 24 Oct 2008

I am with most others. The site name bothers me.Thanks anyway.

by mariahail 24 Oct 2008

thanks, I seen that site before, but will not go ther, I do not like that number.Blessings to all.

by lbrow 24 Oct 2008

Can't say that I like the nr 666. I hold back on that on but thank U anyway *4U

by bikermomfl 24 Oct 2008

WOW, thought I had seen this site but this was different, wait til Eric finds out about the 50 or more alphabets!!! Pull up a chair get cup of coffee, you're gonna be on this one a while!

by stork 24 Oct 2008

ditto for me too

by misscharlie 24 Oct 2008

not sure if I like a site that has 666 in it, will wait and see if anyone goes there before I test the waters.