by prampelb 23 Oct 2008

in Thanks. Pat


by dlonnahawkins 23 Oct 2008

Glad you got your answer, and hope that you can get them - He had started a fish alphabet, but think that it got pulled - i do not have it completed. He has the Birds, but also the flowers. Beautiful ones.

by blhamblen 23 Oct 2008

Be sure to check back often Glenn Harris always has GREAT designs. :)

by cordura5 23 Oct 2008

Glenn Harris Designs are one of my favorites and so I knew exactly what you meant when you described it. Be sure and collect them all!

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prampelb by prampelb 23 Oct 2008

Thank you, yes, they are very nice.

by lbrow 23 Oct 2008

Glen Harris & u have been given the sites. Have fun *4U

by gerryb 23 Oct 2008

Would that be the Glenn Harris hunt? Here's the one for the birds, then go to previous hunts, or something like that, and you will find the flowers. THEN you click on each letter & that will take you to the another person's site where you can get the letter. Is that clear? Or not at all what you want!

gerryb by gerryb 23 Oct 2008

Just went to blueberrythreads, and it's the Glenn Harris one! Have fun!

prampelb by prampelb 23 Oct 2008

Yes, that is the one I was looking for! Thank you!

by jayemcee46 23 Oct 2008

sorry cant help with this but someone is sure to know welcome to cute --enjoy *4u Jo