by superfroggirl 23 Oct 2008

i didn't realize it was more for a canadian membership.. and i know awhile back when i was asking about it i was told about a coupon.. i was just wondering if that is still around or not.. I hope I am not coming off too petty or anything but every little bit helps!!

if i offend anyone I am sorry..
also if there is no more coupon then i will just have to pay.. as I know it will definatley be worth the it in the end!!!
thank you!!


by shirlener88 23 Oct 2008

Stacey, congratulations on all the flowers that you are growing - that is so wonderful - I believe that you should address your issue with the membership and coupons with Veronika - however we all are pulling for you to become a member as soon as possible - we all enjoy the designs and we are sure that you will as well. Good luck! Shirlene

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superfroggirl by superfroggirl 23 Oct 2008

thank you!!
I will ask her!!
I can't believe i am at 181 now!!
I love the site!!

by marjialexa Moderator 23 Oct 2008

Hi, Stacey, I don't know anything about a coupon, I never saw it if there was one. I'm thinking the only reason for any $ difference between Canada & US would be the exchange rate on our dollars. Is it really that much different now? I haven't kept up, I guess. Last I looked it wasn't that different, but you'd know more than I. I certainly hope it doesn't keep you from getting a membership, believe me, it's more than worth it!! Marji

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superfroggirl by superfroggirl 23 Oct 2008

Hi well the exchange is down to .81 wich was a suprise to me.. i thought it was still up at .95.. lol.. no it will not keep me from getting the membership.. i was just hoping!! I am doing sewing lessons today so i don't have the time to start downloading.. so i will wait until tomorrow to get my membership!! I am very excited!! there are soooo many beautiful designs in this sight!!
thank you for your response!!
ps.. the coupon was a birthday thing i think back in sept!! but it was prolly just a september thing!!

by iris2006 23 Oct 2008

Welcome to the Cute site and congratulations with your 154 flowers, here is number 155. Have fun.

by raels011 23 Oct 2008

you won't be sorry if you become a member