by ejtads 14 Oct 2008

I am asking for a voting request for Tuesday, Oct.14th, for the "cowbows lasso font" for the numbers 1 and 2. Thank you


by jofrog2000 14 Oct 2008

Hi ejtads, Cowboy 1 and 2 should already be on the list, as I put in a request for them. I didn't realize they were being given out and missed those 2. If we all band together and help vote, we'll all get those pesky few designs we've missed. And lot more flowers along the way for us all! hahaha

by lbrow 14 Oct 2008

Hang n there dear we'll get to them. *4u 4 patience

by letvia 14 Oct 2008

Hello ejtads. If is ok with you, I will add your request to my list. I already made the request for today and if we vote all together for the same design we will success to get it. Below you will find a link where you can read a short explanation how the voting request works. Flower and XoXo