by ibht2k2 27 Sep 2008

"e" as a new design, and then the "d" as another new design. How can I get them in the right place on my project, including width between letters? I have so many beautiful fonts I want to use besides the ones already included on the machine.


by sqdancer 14 Nov 2008

Looks like you got a lot of good answers from our cute experts... I use Embird and just merge each letter...hope you got what your needed...good luck ..

by sandy38001 14 Nov 2008

You got some good answers but I use a template of paper. For example, put "T" on one paper, e on another and "d" on the last keeping the centers in line. Pin each to your fabric, remove one at a time as you sew. Ann the Gran has a software called Alphabet Express that has 3 alphas to choose from or you can pull others from your collection I think it sells for around $60.00

by captiveillusions 14 Nov 2008

Well, it looks like you got some great answers. So I'll just say Good Luck, hope it works out! *4u and for everyone!

by bunnylane 14 Nov 2008

there is a site with names on it and they have different fonts when you down load.

by clawton 28 Sep 2008

You got several responses. The bottom line is that it depends upon the machine and/or software that you may have. I would say read you manual to see what it is able to do. Good luck.

by emily16838 28 Sep 2008

I had this same problem...then I found out ,on my machine I needed to "press the combine button" and voile

by meganne 28 Sep 2008

depends on the capability of the machine. Mine will allow me to create text on the screen and stitch out whole words. Are you sure you can't just select the text, one letter next to another?

If it would help I could create the word for you on your design, just email me (attach your design) and tell me the font you want, what size and placement, straight or arced, etc. and it's as good as done.
emad is in my profile. hugs n roses, Meganne

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ibht2k2 by ibht2k2 28 Sep 2008

Thanks for the offer. I may take you up on that! *4U

by marjialexa Moderator 28 Sep 2008

Welcome to Cute, if I didn't do that before. Software makes it easier. I think you've gotten some good answers here. I guess if I didn't have the software to line it all up, I'd be too lazy to do it, hee hee hee. Best of luck to you, Marji

by nglover1 28 Sep 2008

That is haed to line up. I have Monogram wizard and it helps but my machine will you use the fonts in the machine to write names. A flower for you

by blhamblen 28 Sep 2008

I too have had trouble lining up letters, sometimes they go up hill and other times down hill...most of the time they are 1 up the next down and then vice versa...Thanx for the helpful info :)

by adelmarie 27 Sep 2008

If you have a digitizing software you can arrange the letters so that it makes a design and it will stitch as one unit. If not yes, you will have to stitch the letters one by one.

by grannyo 27 Sep 2008

I print out my designs then align and space them the way I want taping them to the fabric. Then hoop the needle over the center of the design. Once it is centered, then I remove the design and stitch.

I like the site that Miss Charlie sent you too. I think I'm going to give that a try the next time I do a design that is spit. I added it to my 'favorites.'

Thanks for asking this question. *4u

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ibht2k2 by ibht2k2 28 Sep 2008

I like the idea! Thanks

by sllakin 27 Sep 2008

I found this just now - it is free lettering software. I do not know anything about it but do know the site is reputable as I have many free designs from them. I also use them to convert file formats for free - works great! you do have to join - all is free.

Hope this will help you and others. Hopefully you can open free embroidery fonts/alphabets you save from the internet in it and then you can combine them as you wish!

marymoore by marymoore 27 Sep 2008

hey would that help with doing stacked names

adelmarie by adelmarie 27 Sep 2008

I seen it before but it only comes with 3 fonts you have to buy any aditional ones

ibht2k2 by ibht2k2 28 Sep 2008

Can you import fonts you already have?

by newipswich 27 Sep 2008

Thanks for asking this question. I'm learning from these very experienced embroiderers. Hugs!

ibht2k2 by ibht2k2 27 Sep 2008

Me too! It's great to have a place to go when you need help. you can always find the answers here at Cute. :)

misscharlie by misscharlie 27 Sep 2008

Oh sheesh I am far from experienced, but I do save a lot of info in my favorites lol

by lbrow 27 Sep 2008

I draw a line on my fabric with disappearing marker & line on stabalizer & match them up when I rehoop sometimes I mark the hoop to make sure I line my fabric up exactly n the same place when I rehoop but this is with designs my embird SW & my machine lets me line up my letters before I embroider the entire name or sentence. but U can line up ea. letter as I said by marks on fabric & stabilizer. *4U

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ibht2k2 by ibht2k2 27 Sep 2008

I wish I could afford an editing program! It would make embroidering so much easier.

by misscharlie 27 Sep 2008

I don't know what machine you have, but my machine I can spell out words in 3 different sizes. So I will give you a link for reassembling a split design and I am sure you can apply the same method to it *

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ibht2k2 by ibht2k2 27 Sep 2008

Thanks! That looks simple enough!
My machine has 3 sizes of fonts, but there are times I want to use other fonts.