by newipswich 27 Sep 2008

a less invasive treatment, before I have to choose any of the options the DR. gave me.

Wanted also to compliment all the GREAT designs offered by you
"Cuties"!! Hugs!!


by lbrow 27 Sep 2008

I am an RN & though I haven't had it done have known several nurses that did have it & said it does work. *4U

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newipswich by newipswich 27 Sep 2008

Thanks for writing. I have a friend that had sciatica who had it done, and was pleased. I got the name of the acupuncturist from her. It will certainly be a new experience. :-)

by elenu 27 Sep 2008

I say go for it Newipswich. My experiences of acupuncture have been all good and well worth the expense involved. Good luck.

newipswich by newipswich 27 Sep 2008

I'm glad to hear that you've been happy with acupuncture. The gal said I should know by 4 treatments (2 each week for 2 weeks), if it's going to help any. Thanks for writing!

elenu by elenu 28 Sep 2008

I think that is being optimistic but, of course, each person, their problems & reactions to treatment are very different from one another. Sometimes expense is an issue which forces one to give up sooner than they should. I do sincerely hope it works for you - it is not an unpleasant experience.

by kttyhwk4 27 Sep 2008

Have x-d-i-l that swears by it....she has a lot of back problems and used to be in pain all the time.

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newipswich by newipswich 27 Sep 2008

Thanks! That's encouraging! I have made an appt. for mid-Oct. Will give it a try.

by marjialexa Moderator 27 Sep 2008

I haven't had acupuncture done, but I do go to the chiropractor before the MD. Don't know if that would be helpful with degenerative disease, but a reputable chiropractor will take x-rays and tell you if he/she can't help. Good luck, back pain is awful. Marji

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newipswich by newipswich 27 Sep 2008

I went to chiropractor many times with no relief. Have been going to a Pain Solutions Dr. who actually ordered the MRI's - lower & upper. Been going for massage weekly, which helps a little.
Getting kind of expensive, trying to find some help.

by americangirl 27 Sep 2008

Sorry, I can help you.
Bump to the top. :o)

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newipswich by newipswich 27 Sep 2008