by nova533 25 Sep 2008

oh ... I think I've got it. Here is a stitch club you join ... there is a free princess alpha you can collect


by nova533 26 Sep 2008

*s 4 everyone ... thanks for the great welcome ...

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marymoore by marymoore 26 Sep 2008

i am now a member there and have a project that me and another cutie done in the contest page it is the purse project

by marymoore 25 Sep 2008

oh hey i like that site thank u

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misscharlie by misscharlie 25 Sep 2008

Mary that is the one I emailed you about. Great site

by adelmarie 25 Sep 2008

thanks for the link

by jayemcee46 25 Sep 2008

thanx for the link, will have a look Jo

by misscharlie 25 Sep 2008

Hello and welcome Nova533! I don't recall if I already said hello and welcome to you yet, it seems there have been so many new people coming and going the past few weeks. I thought just in case I did miss your arrival I would give you a flower and say Hi*

by dlonnahawkins 25 Sep 2008

Thank you - that one is new to me - i will have to check out later.

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toet by toet 25 Sep 2008

This site let me in but not out,i had to turn my computer off,as it froze up.