by stitchship 24 Sep 2008

be able to?


by bamaasc 26 Sep 2008

That is a great idea! *4u

by sherylac 25 Sep 2008

Being only new here, I think what a fantastic idea that would be, good question

by grannyo 25 Sep 2008

Funny you should mention Shirlene's bookmarks. I don't see how anyone can imagine all of her bookmarks fitting on only one page. lol She has bunches of bookmarks. hehehe It is a good question though. *4u

meganne by meganne 26 Sep 2008

This must be the joke of the day, it gave me such a laugh!!! LOL! hugs, Meganne

katydid by katydid 26 Sep 2008

Grannyo, you are tooooooo! funny. This is an interesting idea!!

by adelmarie 25 Sep 2008

There is curently no way to do so, but it will surely be great to have it. *2u

by shirleysisson 25 Sep 2008

This is such a good idea. *4U

by salsabil 25 Sep 2008

Great idea

by ezzemml 25 Sep 2008

Ask Veronika Scroll down here and ask her contact us is what you need to go to and send her an email.

by lbrow 24 Sep 2008

We can see everything we have posted ourselves when we go to our profile so it shouldn't b to difficult for it to b done so everyone could see them. I'm simply no computer person. *

by nglover1 24 Sep 2008

Wouldn't that be great . Aflower for you

by suezz 24 Sep 2008

I would like that too! We can only let her know we want this on the site.

by dkjack 24 Sep 2008

Great idea!

by stitchship 24 Sep 2008

Thanks for your replies. *4Uall :)

by clawton 24 Sep 2008

At this point I don't believe so. But, yes, it is a good idea. Maybe one day that will happen. I know Veronika has constantly made changes here at the request of the people using the site.

by colonies1 24 Sep 2008

good idea............*4u all

by ssarner 24 Sep 2008

That is nice feature for the site to have. It shouldn't be hard to do.

by marymoore 24 Sep 2008

yes that is a great idea

by workbecky 24 Sep 2008

Great question/fantastic idea.

by misscharlie 24 Sep 2008

Oh how I wish that idea is even better than the search field for projects. Wouldn't it be great to look at all towels or TP made in projects and get ideas from them by comparing side by side? Great idea and Q *