by stitchship 18 Sep 2008

Did you all notice the new link Designs by Cuties? Veronika you are the best! Thanks!


by oldandgrey 18 Sep 2008

this is great thank you

by debrar 18 Sep 2008

Love it. Thanks for drawing my attention to it.

by meganne 18 Sep 2008

Please Cuties, let Veronika Know if you have any problems downloading the designs from the new page.
I will start a separate post for this. Hugs n roses, Meganne

by stitchship 18 Sep 2008

* For you all!

by jrob Moderator 18 Sep 2008

WE are lucky to have the BEST place! Thank you Veronika!;)

by grannyo 18 Sep 2008

This is great. I've downloaded the first design. It looks really cute too. Thanks Stitchship for bring this to our attention. :-)

by nglover1 18 Sep 2008

Veronika is the best , and she is so generous. Thank You, for posting. A flower for you

by dlmds 18 Sep 2008

Veronika, You are the GREATEST!! Thank you again, would whomever does the designs for the rest of us, please state your names. Hugs

by americangirl 18 Sep 2008

Thank you.

by tinfriend 18 Sep 2008

Thank you Veronika and ALL concerned!

by dpickel 18 Sep 2008

Just noticed it myself! WHAT A FABULOUS IDEA! Thank you to Veronika. Thank you in advance to all who wish to contribute as well.

by raels011 18 Sep 2008

It is good to see Veronika listens and acts on suggestions from this sight

by shirleysisson 18 Sep 2008

Once again Veronika has added something new and great. *4U

by tabsolom 18 Sep 2008

Thanks so much, *4u

by debleerl 18 Sep 2008

I was signed on earlier and didn't see this. What a wonderful idea. How do we submit a design, and what is Veronica's ID?

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mops by mops 18 Sep 2008

When you click the UPLOAD button you'll get a page that shows all. Just don't know if you have to do all formats.

by clawton 18 Sep 2008

This is nice. Several cuties that had started to digitize had ask for a place to share their designs. This will be a nice feature. Wish I could digitize to contribute.

by colonies1 18 Sep 2008

yes I finally did once I opened my eyes...........very nice of her to do this.

by auntbaba 18 Sep 2008

It's great that Veronika is so talented and thoughtful! I sure do appreciate all of her efforts to make Cute the best! Thank-you Veronika!

by dgrammy 18 Sep 2008

Thank you Veronika!

by marjialexa Moderator 18 Sep 2008

Yes, thanks Veronika!!! Flowers for everybody!! Marji