by anna25775 31 Aug 2008

the annual family trip organised by hubby and his colleagues was at the woods at the river Spree here in Germany, we had a lovely time packed with activities and we saw lots of storks and a few deer. the 5 day course was about the babyblock technique and all participants wanted to do something different - I opted for a handbag but unfortunately didnt manage to finish I chose a rather complicated pattern but I will go back to working on it soon. Then I had to do a major cleaning of our apartment (meaning packing all my sewing stuff to make our living room look decent) before our guests came for 2 wks during which we toured the major sites of our region (Saxony) and Berlin.

At the end I started suffering from major withdrawal symptoms cos I missed downloading designs and chatting here.... boy such a lot has happened here, dunno how I'm gonna manage to catch up! well done to all who posted projects, I'll try to have a better look and distribute flowers tomorrow cos tonight its already getting late here.
well, that's all folks; just wanted to tell you a bit what I was up to this month in case anyone wondered. have a lovely week and happy stitching or digitising whatever you're into lately!


by iris2006 01 Sep 2008

Glad to see you back and that you enjoyed your month, back to normal again now. Hoep to see your projects soon.

by colmag 01 Sep 2008

Glad your back, hope you had a great time even though you were really busy, nice to have visitors, but also nice to be doing what we like best dld.

by grannyo 31 Aug 2008

Isn't it wonderful to be so busy then to come back home for and get back into the old routine again? It's almost like "What's old has become new again." lol Not only have all the Cutes been busy, but the site has changed a lot. These things will show up and surprise you, but they all are for the better. :-) Welcome back!

by marymoore 31 Aug 2008

welcome back was wondering about you

by katydid 31 Aug 2008

Welcome back, sweetie!! Glad you had a nice trip!!

by nglover1 31 Aug 2008

Welcom back Anna , Sounds like you have been busy. A flower for you

by dlonnahawkins 31 Aug 2008

Oh my, and you do have so much to catch up on. It is almost impossible to do that if you are gone for a while! But, welcome back.

by 4lghoward 31 Aug 2008

Welcome Back. Happy Stitching.

by jrob Moderator 31 Aug 2008

We did wonder, miss you and are happy to have you home, Welcome back, cute buddy!

by colonies1 31 Aug 2008

Glad your back and that you had a good time. *4u

by dgrammy 31 Aug 2008

Glad you are back! You have been very busy,and glad you had such a good time.I have been gone about a week my self and trying to catch up,but cutes are always making so much cute stuff it's hard to catch up.Welcome back!*4u