by ruthie 31 Aug 2008

And I'm sure everyone here joins with me in saying a *huge* congratulations and thank you to everyone at *Cute* for everything you do for us.

A million thanks, and love, hugs and flowers to a beautiful lady.


by shirleysisson 01 Sep 2008

Happy Birthday to Cute. Thank you, Veronika, for an amazing site. *4U Ruthie for posting.

by anna25775 31 Aug 2008

thanks for the reminder ruthie:) HAPPY BIRTHDAY Cute and a big heartfelt thank you to Veronika, we truely appreciate what you do for us.

by colonies1 31 Aug 2008

Happy birthday........time to celebrate. You go Veronika. This site is ever so special. The group is great and you are the best ever. You make this site what it is and we are all greatful to you.
THANK YOU VERONIKA!!!!! for all you do.

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uscmom by uscmom 31 Aug 2008

Couldn't have said it better myself, Colonies1. Happy 3rd Anniversary!!!

by dgrammy 31 Aug 2008

Happy Birthday cute! Thank you Veronika!

by jrob Moderator 31 Aug 2008

Happy 3rd Anniversary to Cute Embroidery site!!!! Veronika, you have done such a wonderful job and made this an amazing place to come and call home, thank you so much. I challenge each one of you, in honor of the 3rd Birthday to invite 3 of your embroidery friends who may not know about CUTE to come join us here and check it out.:)

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jrob by jrob 31 Aug 2008

oops....2nd anniversary not 3.

by gerryvb 31 Aug 2008

well this is a celebration, thanks to veronika and everyone who is part of this great cute family! let's all remind to vote so this top site stays in the top!<br />and of course"congratulations !!and Ruthie thanks for letting us know!

by bonita1313 31 Aug 2008

Words are not enough to say how much I enjoy this site! The designs are exquisite and the "CUTIES" are like old friends. Happy Birthday to "CUTE EMBROIDERY" and a big HUG to Veronica! Thanks for all you do!!!

by iris2006 31 Aug 2008

Hi ruthie, thanks for the reminder and Congratulations to Veronica, the site is great and every day it is good to look out visiting this great site. Thank you for al you do for us and have a nice day.

by stitchship 31 Aug 2008

Happy Birthday! This is a wonderful site, and we appreciate every single bit of it. The site is truly awesome, and all you do is greatly appreciated. I think a lot of us look forward to getting on line, just to come here. May the site continue to thrive! :)

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test by test 31 Aug 2008

Thank you, stitchship

by dlonnahawkins 31 Aug 2008

Yes - Happy Birth Cute embroidery - and don't well all really love what you have done for all of us. Such a generous person!

And Ruthie - glad you are back amongst us. Have missed you.

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test by test 31 Aug 2008

Thank you, dlonnahawkins

by test 31 Aug 2008

Thank you, ruthie

by marjialexa Moderator 31 Aug 2008

Yes, Happy Birthday, Veronika!!!! Thanks for all you do for us, the great embroidery & the great site!! It is one of the high points of my day to come here. You are one special lady, hope you get some real live flowers today, I'd send them if I knew where you were, hee hee hee. Love you, Marji

marjialexa by marjialexa 31 Aug 2008

Hi, Ruthie, long time no see!! Hope you're doing ok. Marji

test by test 31 Aug 2008

Thank you, marjialexa

by coco128 31 Aug 2008

VERONIKA, HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY...hope it's absolutely splendid and many more to come..a bouquet of roses for you, and thanks so much for all you give to us..

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test by test 31 Aug 2008

Thank you, coco128

by dkjack 31 Aug 2008

Happy Birthday Cute Embroidery!! Thank you Veronica for our special site. We appreciate you and all the work you do to make this the best site.

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test by test 31 Aug 2008

Thank you, dkjack

by sqdancer 31 Aug 2008

Have a great birthday "Cute" and Veronika thank you so much for all you give to us...can we all have a piece of the birthday cake...have a good day...

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test by test 31 Aug 2008

Thank you, sqdancer

by mops Moderator 31 Aug 2008

Happy Birthday Cute and congratulations Veronika!

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test by test 31 Aug 2008

Thank you, mops

by adelmarie 31 Aug 2008

Happy Birthday CUTE! And thanks to you Ruthie for the post.

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test by test 31 Aug 2008

Thank you, adelmarie

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by ruthie 31 Aug 2008

Congratulations and Happy Birthday to *CUTE* - long may it continue. Thanks Veronika, love, hugs and flowers sweetie.