by joke46 28 Aug 2008

I often visit these sites
they are free and designs change every 10 and 12 minutes. The designs stitch nice


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by iris2006 02 Sep 2008

Welcome to this site and here is another link that has a design every 10 minutes. Enjoy

by gramsbear 02 Sep 2008

I have been to all 4 sites, I think they are related. My only problem is that when I really want a certain design, and try to d/l it, my computer sometimes says " that file is corupt & can't d/l", Then I am upset a little. Oh well, I have stitched out their stuff and have had no problems.

by dpickel 02 Sep 2008

Great tip, thanks!

by americangirl 02 Sep 2008

Thank you! Welcome to cute. I have downloaded some of these designs, but haven't ever taken the time to try them.

by powagrl 02 Sep 2008

This site also has a free design every 12 minutes.

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dpickel by dpickel 02 Sep 2008

Great tip also, thanks!

by grannyo 28 Aug 2008

Thanks and welcome to the Cute family. :-) *4u

by shirleysisson 28 Aug 2008

Thanks for the link. *4U

by ezzemml 28 Aug 2008 This is another one of these 10 min sites related to the 2 you are showing. I find if I click on this one first then it is easy to follow through to those 2 it has a direct link to the green one and the green one has a direct link to the blue one directly under there headings so I only have one window open not 3.

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kraai by kraai 28 Aug 2008

thanks for sharing

by lbrow 28 Aug 2008

Welcome to the Cute Site joke, Glad to have U on board. we're the best on the Internet & most of us feel that way. You'll find lots of help, answers & friendly folks here. We love our craft & want everyone else to love it too. *4U

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joke46 by joke46 28 Aug 2008

thank you

by colonies1 28 Aug 2008

thanks for reminding me aboout those sites. *4u

by sira 28 Aug 2008

Thanks for reminding, I haven`t visited there for many weeks now. I have downloaded some designs from embroideryfriend, but haven`t embroidered any of them , yet. I have often wondered if those designs are "good" and glad to know that they "work". *4U

by raels011 28 Aug 2008

They do have some nice designs