by ddoersch 04 Aug 2008

Just wondering where you all buy your thread. I really like Isacord but the site I use to get it from no longer sells it. What type threads are used in the group and where to get the best price.?


by nanniesara 14 Mar 2010

Metro is the tops for me so far, tried the Maderia Rayon my Baby Lock did not like it at all. Now I am stuck with a big case of it I can't use. Sara

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novascotia by novascotia 02 Apr 2012

Hi Sara, do you still have the Madeira Rayon thread and would you be interested in selling them. Ellen in Nova Scotia

by sewingbuddy 13 Mar 2010

I get my Maderia thread from AllStitch Embroidery Supplies

by kttyhwk4 25 Jan 2010

I use RA and buy it from Postage is cheap $4.00 per order or less if only one or two spools (actual shipping cost). Have had great service from this company and highly recommend

by frannj 25 Jan 2010

I always use Poly thread because it will not fade, which can not be said for Rayon.
Long Creek Mills, 108 South Webb St., Gastonia, NC 28052 Toll Free: 1.866.869.6651 - great thread at great prices. i.e., Poly-5500 yrds @ $4.00 a spool and Poly-1100 yrds @ $2.00 a spool. They make the thread at this location. Call they will send you a color chart, and then you can spend, spend, spend. Hope this helps...
Fran in New Jersey

by michele921 25 Jan 2010

I use the prices are great and I know I can get them again and again, I tried some through ebay and didn't really care for them then I found Metro and with the sales they have and my machine has no problems with it so I have stuck with them.

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dkrob39 by dkrob39 13 Mar 2010

My machine is picky about thread but the thread from metro works great & is a great price.

by sdrise 25 Jan 2010

Try embroidery supplys they have isocord thread. That's where I buy it. I also love the thread, it works so well and doesn't lint or break. Good luck! Suzanne

by bigeyes 25 Jan 2010

I get mine from they have Marathon and Robison Anton. They also have a really cool Facebook page

by brn2btl 01 Nov 2008

I order Maderia from Discount Embroidery They have other threads and supplies in general. I find them cheaper and like the shipping charges.

by babyred 01 Nov 2008

I buy all my thread from Marathon America. Great prices if you buy at least $30 per order.

by lbrow 01 Nov 2008

Well dd I must say u have a lot of choices, I think I'm going to try some of these I've never heard of. My machine doesn't like sulky to much, but I use RA, Maderia, radient, tri-lobal from Wal mart, tetrex(came from ebay) what ever I can get at the lowest prices. *4U

by elaine45 01 Nov 2008

Great question...I usually buy mine through Thread Art, but after reading some of the responses I think I am going to try sounds like the best deal. i was paying $3.99 for the 5000mm spools there but Metro has them on sale right now for $1.99.

by ejtads 01 Nov 2008

I am so glad that you asked this question. I like the responses.

by bcsurvivor 01 Nov 2008

I get mine from There is an amazing sale right now. The thread sews out and looks like rayon because the thread color is amazing. The customer service is superb, and I am so impressed with the current sale. I'm considering ordering a 2nd set of the large cones, just because of the price.
Hope this message isn't too late. Just check out the site.

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queenofhearts by queenofhearts 14 Mar 2010

I checked out this site and placed an order to update my color selection. Thanks for the link. Teresa

by adelmarie 04 Aug 2008

I use madeira threads and usually get them online from Joann's.

by nglover1 04 Aug 2008

I have all brands but I like Marathon Threads . the quality is good and the price is reasonable. A flower for you.

by auntbaba 04 Aug 2008

I buy a lot of thread from Terradon Embroidery. They have great prices, and I really like the thread.

by nonmusicmom 04 Aug 2008

I use sulky and maderia and I buy on line since i live in a tiny town with no fabric stores. Walmart only carries Coats and my machine doesn't like it.

by sufferingsonje 04 Aug 2008

I buy Marathon but then I'm in South Africa. I like it very much both the rayon & the poly. I found a place in USA that makes its own thread and the price seems reasonable. Maybe you would like to try it out. If somebody does use it I would like to know what it is like. *4u Link added.

katydid by katydid 04 Aug 2008

I have bought thread from Long creek Mills in Gastonia,N.C. It stitches out nicely and is the nearest thing to Robinson Anton Threads. You can buy Robinson Anton at

sufferingsonje by sufferingsonje 05 Aug 2008

Thanks for letting me know.

by stitchship 04 Aug 2008

This is such a good question. I love Isacord, but it is pricey. But... I have gotten threads from ebay! Yet, I have been considering Marathon threads. I have heard that they are good. Has anybody here used it?

by meganne 04 Aug 2008

I buy R & A from ShoppersRule, you save heaps on special (package deal) prices, plus for members (free newsletter) they have "make an offer" and no reasonable offer is refused, they also have a great thread club and lots of fabulous specials on stabilisers, needles, t-shirts, you name it.
I just placed another large order with them and i sent them my (cheap Dragon) thread samples for them to match up the colours for me in R&A. They also have those fabulous Enviro tubes, you get them free with package deals or can buy individually, great thread protection from light, dust & heat. hugs and roses, all, M

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nonmusicmom by nonmusicmom 04 Aug 2008

Thanks for the link. Always love a bargian

by mariahail 04 Aug 2008

EBAY IS THE WAY!!!tha's what I do.I can get you the email of the girl that I buy from, but pretty much all you have to do is look around, they have all kind of embroidery threads.

by hstillwell 04 Aug 2008

I still use the Isacord thread and get it from Probably a little pricy, but I know it is good. I'm trying to find a supplier for Maderia in single cones and not having any luck. Anyone out know of one?

atwaterlinda by atwaterlinda 04 Aug 2008

I have used this site, Allstitch LLC

katydid by katydid 04 Aug 2008 has the best price on Organ needles. they will sell at wholesale prices to any one. I especially like the Titanium needles. Once you use them, you won't use anything else. I look up what I want on the website, but I call the order in by phone 410-646-0382 because my computer firewall won't let me place the order on line. No big deal, they are aware of the problem.

by marymoore 04 Aug 2008

ebay ebay ebay all the way lol i use the company radiant threads

by letvia 04 Aug 2008

I buy my threads at Ebay, very happy with them. Flower and XoXo

by marjialexa Moderator 04 Aug 2008

I have a dealer that sells Robison-Anton and Floriani, that's where I get mine. Been thinking about BFC Creations, though, anybody go to BFC Stash? They have both rayon and poly thread they use on all thier sew-outs, which are just gorgeous, and the thread is really inexpensive! If anyone has tried it, let me know, ok? They have an unbelievable palette of colors. Thanks & good luck, Marji

by salsabil 04 Aug 2008

That's a good question wanna know too!

by bikermomfl 04 Aug 2008

I usually get mine from ebay a seller called M & K Enterprises, they have those really large spools of Maderia threads at super prices, also grab em when they are on sale at JoAnns for 50% off.

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mariahail by mariahail 04 Aug 2008

JoAnns have coupons every month, 40
to 50% off, you can use two coupons on each visit at most stores.