by jand803 02 Aug 2008

OK, I just changed my picture. I am moving too slow on these flowers. I guess I just don't talk enough. Keep up the good work all of you who make this a wonderful site.


by clawton 02 Aug 2008

They will grow faster than you think!

by marymoore 02 Aug 2008

they grow fast here

by letvia 02 Aug 2008

Jan, sure I remember it and I really like it, it was a blue face with a big smile or maybe laugh, I liked it and thought was funny

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jand803 by jand803 02 Aug 2008

You are good! If I blink I forget what I saw 2 minutes ago. I love your LOL.

by jand803 02 Aug 2008

Thank you to all who gave me flowers. My garden sure has a lot more blooms. I hope I am putting this thank you in the right place, or should I have put it in a new question/comment. Letvia, did you remember my smile face or does that still show somewhere? Jan

by loish 02 Aug 2008

Another flower for you and another welcome. The flowers will soon bury you if you are not careful (VBG)

by relaxsew 02 Aug 2008

Cute picture! Welcome if I haven't already said it!

by shirleysisson 02 Aug 2008

Here's another flower for you. *4U

by lbrow 02 Aug 2008

Well Jan I don't remember welcoming u to the Cute fmly. so welcome! I just spent the night n Ind. a couple of nights ago on my way to Michigan,Plainwell I believe was the name of the lovely little town. You'll get more flowers just post what U do & talk or comment on whatever U want to. Here's 'nother flower 4 U *4U

by nonmusicmom 02 Aug 2008

When you hit your first 500 it starts moving fast and then it gets to the point where you can't keep up with

by dgrammy 02 Aug 2008

Here's a * 4 U to help your garden grow

by elaine45 02 Aug 2008

Just keep talking, it gets to be addictive believe me.

by shirlener88 02 Aug 2008

Jan, very cute - here is another to get you headed in the right direction - Hehehe!

by jrob Moderator 02 Aug 2008

awwww, cute little turtle! They will come if you show me!;)

by letvia 02 Aug 2008

I liked your smile much better, but I like this little turtle too. Flower and XoXo

by salsabil 02 Aug 2008

Maybe you must change again! *4U