by dkjack 18 Jul 2008

this past week and around a lot of lakes. They told us before we left to bring plenty of mosquito repellent because they were out of control there. One of my co-workers told me to take "Bounce" dryer sheets for my pockets. I thought she was NUTS! I can't use sprays or anything with a heavy scent due to my allergies so I took my box of Bounce. I am the only one that did not get bit except for a co-worker who I finally convinced to try it. People were constantly spraying themselve with repellent and they were still coverd in bits. I just stuck a sheet in my pants pocekt or jacket if in the evening and I was fine. I offered my box of dryer sheets but they thought I was nuts. hahahaha


by elenu 20 Jul 2008

Sounds to be a very effective, cheap way of keeping those peskie mozzies at bay and still be able to use the Bounce sheets for the washing too. I like it. A great money saver tip, Thanks.

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dkjack by dkjack 20 Jul 2008

You're welcome

by debbierussell 20 Jul 2008

I have never heard of bounce over here in Australia.Can you please tell me what it is?From what I have gathered from the comments it sounds like a fabric softner sheet that you put in the cloths dryer,is this right? We get heaps of mozzies in the summer & they carry diseases like ross river fever & others.The city councils use to spray all the streets several times each summer.But they no longer do this because they say it is causing other health problems

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dkjack by dkjack 20 Jul 2008

Yes "Bounce" is a brand of fabric softner dryer sheets. blhamlen says any brand will work.

by celticlady1031 20 Jul 2008

I'm the one who asked the question originally and I have found that taking B-1 along with a mix of tee tree oil, citronella and Skin so Soft works good. I can't/don't use any product with DEET because it makes me very sick. I've tried Bounce since it works for my hubby but it just doesn't work for me. I'm glad it worked so well for you.

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dkjack by dkjack 20 Jul 2008

Sorry it didn't work for you but I am happy you have something that does. Thanks for the info

by kttyhwk4 20 Jul 2008

If you take vitamin B1 mosquitos will not bite you.

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dkjack by dkjack 20 Jul 2008

I've heard of that but haven't tried it. Wonder how long you have to take it before it starts working.

by jofrog2000 20 Jul 2008

I'll have to try this one. I heard Listerine sprayed on will stop them, but my D, who is my test case ( they don't bite me,not sweet enough) doesn't remember to put it on.

celticlady1031 by celticlady1031 20 Jul 2008

You are supposed to spray the Listerine around the area you are sitting/working and it only works for about 10 minutes at a time.

dkjack by dkjack 20 Jul 2008

Thanks jofrog200

dkjack by dkjack 20 Jul 2008

Thanks celticlady. We really want something that lasts so we can enjoy the outdoors. :)

by blessinge 20 Jul 2008

Thanks for the tip! I can't wait to try it. I work outside and the mosquitoes and biting gnats have been terrible this year. I don't like the sprays but have to use them because we have mosquitoes that carry the West Nile Virus here. A * for you.

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dkjack by dkjack 20 Jul 2008

Hope they work for you. They sure workd for me.

by lbrow 19 Jul 2008

That is definitely the best tip of the day. Al. has mosquitoes very bad, everytime I water the flowers I get bitten thanks *4U

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dkjack by dkjack 20 Jul 2008

Try the Bounce sheets. Let me know if the mosquitos in AL run from you. :)

by maryjo 19 Jul 2008

My Aunt and Uncle in Fla. told us about this years ago when we were visiting. They had fabric softener sheets hanging on their deck. When asked why they said it kept the insects away. Never would have believed it but I saw for myself. That was the only time I've sat out on the portch in Fl. and didn't get eaten alive!!!! You can also actually rub them on your arms and legs before you put them in your pockets for a little extra protection.*4 that great reminder!!

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dkjack by dkjack 19 Jul 2008

I thought about rubbing it on my body but didn't try that. :)

by clawton 19 Jul 2008

Good tip! I had heard that before but forgot about it. Thanks.

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dkjack by dkjack 19 Jul 2008

Try it. So much better smelling than repellant. :)

by nonmusicmom 19 Jul 2008

I will try this with my grandson. He loves to be outside and always ends up with bites. Will be wonderful if it works.

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dkjack by dkjack 19 Jul 2008

I hope so too. I am definately telling my sons. All my grandchildren live where it is humid and very prone to mosquitos.

by grandmapapers 19 Jul 2008

I'll have to try this because those darn mosquitos will leave everyone alone except me and then I get big welts. Thanks for the tip.

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dkjack by dkjack 19 Jul 2008

Hope it works for you like it did for me.

by coco128 19 Jul 2008

thanks so much .. I've been using Avon's skin so soft while in Mexico and it was good, but of course kind of oily; so I'll definitely try the bounce. I always get bitten alive and then look like I have a disease-LOL. ***4u

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dkjack by dkjack 19 Jul 2008

You're welcome. Yes, I was told about Skin So Soft too but the scent is too strong for my allergies so I have not tried it.

by jrob Moderator 19 Jul 2008

I'll be right back....gotta run to the store! Thanks;)

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dkjack by dkjack 19 Jul 2008

hahahaha! I bet you do have mosquitos where you are.

by cordura5 19 Jul 2008

I had heard of this also, but hadn't tried it. I am really allergic to bites from any bug, so does anyone know if it would work for other things too? How about fleas, ants, or spiders? Anytime I get bitten, it turns into a big welt. A flea bite may end up the size of a dime. Other than that, I am not affected, but it sure gets mighty itchy. When I was little and got an ant bite on my finger, it swelled up like a sausage. So any other remedies, send my way!

I have found a product called AfterBite. If you put it on a bite immediately when you are bitten (or as soon as possible the better), you usually won't be affected at all. If you do, it is mild. For me that is great. On the package it says that the active ingredient is ammonia.

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dkjack by dkjack 19 Jul 2008

Don't know about other bugs but if it keeps mice away from parked cars as relaxsew says, I'd give it a try. Maybe its the "clean" scent that keeps them away. :) I did take some of the Afterbite stuff with me but never took it out of my suitcase. You should of seen the golfers when they came back from their game! They were covered in bites and smelt like bug spray. hee hee

by relaxsew 19 Jul 2008

Thanks! I had heard about putting bounce in cars that are parked for extended periods of time to keep the mice away. But I hadn't heard about this. My brother's property is by a river and there are a lot of mosquitos.

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dkjack by dkjack 19 Jul 2008

You are welcome. I'm glad others have heard of this. I sure wonder what it is that makes the sheets work.

by dollysays 19 Jul 2008

I will have to try that..I need a break from my normal summer perfume (deep woods off)now if only you had something that would replace my winter fragrence (ben-gay) I would be a happy quilter!! LOL

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dkjack by dkjack 19 Jul 2008

hahaha! If I hear of anything to replace your ben-gay, I will be sure and let you know.

by babyred 19 Jul 2008

I heard about the Bounce several years ago but never tried it. It just sounded crazy. I will have try it! Thanks!!

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dkjack by dkjack 19 Jul 2008

I thought so too but I had no choice but to try it since I couldn't use the commerical repellants. I also put one under my blouse one night when we were out and they were flying around my face. Guess what, they left me alone after that. :)

by shirlener88 19 Jul 2008

Deb, that is amazing - so it has to be BOUNCE - no other or can any dryer sheet work? Thanks for the tip and glad you had a pleasant trip. Which mountains did you go to?

dkjack by dkjack 19 Jul 2008

I don't know if it can be another brand of dryer sheets. I was told Bounce. Wish I knew why they worked. :) We went to Island Park Resort which is about 30 miles from Yellowstone Nat'l Park. I did get to go to Yellowstone one afternoon which I had never been to. I've only been in Idaho 10 years.

shirlener88 by shirlener88 19 Jul 2008

Thank you! Oh my Island Park is a wonderful place and Yellowstone is so beautiful. One afternoon is not enough - but maybe you will plan another trip - soon. Hehehe!

blhamblen by blhamblen 20 Jul 2008

Any brand will work... I tried it at my GS baseball game. Park was along river and we were getting eaten alive. A late arrival mom brought her "sheet" and shared with us, just rubbed on legs and arm and across back of neck...BITE FREE!!!

dkjack by dkjack 20 Jul 2008

Thanks for the info

by dgrammy 18 Jul 2008

Thanks 4 the tip,I always get bit .I'd rather smell like dryer sheets then bug spray any day!

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dkjack by dkjack 19 Jul 2008

I know it sounds weird but I did not get bit once.