by graceandham 17d ago

Please sign a Get Well card for Vicki here, with one wish and your name. Vicki, may you return home soon and be completely surrounded by your sweet kitties. Betsey


by jrob Moderator 10d ago

Vicki, prayers for your speedy recovery and return to robust health in a time frame that you can tolerate. :) We miss you and love you and appreciate the updates from your darling hubby!

by gerryvb 11d ago

Vicky, hope you will back home soon, and i hope and pray God will bless you with a speedy recovery. We miss you here and think of you. So hugs, prayers and love is coming your way !

by hightechgrammy 11d ago

Dear Vicki, I'm praying it won't be long before you are up and well and sewing in your room... with kitties sleeping all over the place. "Trust in the Lord and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him and He will guard your heart and your mind in Christ Jesus." One of my favorite verses that has sustained me through lots of life's challenges. Much love and hugs, Jan

by hoplessnz 12d ago

Good wishes coming from New Zealand . I hope your medical team can come up with a helpful solution for you . When you have been a busy person all your life it is hard to adjust to a slower pace . Just remember baby steps will get you there.
Warm hugs

by topcat5 14d ago

Vicki, Best of luck with the treatments. You are strong and will surmount all that you need. Many of us have done it and so will you. Prayers are with you. We miss you.

by JeanW 14d ago

Prayers are with you
You are so missed
Get home girl

by maleah 14d ago

Dear Vicki, get well soon. Praying for a speedy recovery.

by mops Moderator 14d ago

Vicky, get well soon and may you be back home shortly. Love, Martine

by tinfriend 14d ago

Praying for your full recovery Vicki! Take special care! Hugs Sandie

by zoefzoef 15d ago

Vicki, get well soon !! We miss you

by sebsews 16d ago

Vicki, wishing you the best and looking forward to seeing you on Cute. We miss you! Suzanna

by 02kar Moderator 16d ago

Vicki, may your return home be soon and your fur babies ginpve you many reasons to smile and laugh. Love and prayers for you all. Karen.

by mrskiki 16d ago

Keeping you in my prayers daily. Hugs. Nan

by sewtired 16d ago

Vicki, praying for a release from your suffering and a return to good health. I'm sure you are sorely missed at home, as you are here. Blessings, Grace.

by dollygk 16d ago

Vicki dear, many wishes for a speedy recovery and back to happy health!! Hugs Dolly

by sewmadau 16d ago

Hi Vicki
Get well soon and return home to your love ones.

by loriziegler 16d ago

Vicki, I am sending you prayers for a speedy recovery and for you to get back home soon to your husband and fur babies!

by sewmom 16d ago

Vicki, I wish you the strength to battle this and recover soon!

by shirley124 16d ago

Wishing you a speedy recovery. Hugs

by toogie 16d ago

I wish you well❤️Toogie

by grammaheh1 16d ago

Wishing you a 100% recovery soon so that you can get back to your family and friends doing whatever you love doing!
Gail Beam

by asterixsew Moderator 16d ago

I wish you 100% recovery adding that its quick and your back home very soon

by Midnight1 16d ago

Vicki. Wishes for a speedy recovery

by dailylaundry 17d ago

Dear Vicki, We miss you so much! Sending prayers your way for a quick recovery. Loads of love and hugs, Laura

by pcteddyb 17d ago

Hoping you are feeling like your old self very soon.

by olly 17d ago

Vicki, I wish you well and pray that you have the best medical care. I pray for complete healing from The Great Physician. Hoping that you will be home soon. Hugs. Coral in Australia

by designergal37 17d ago

Vicki, you are missed very much. Praying for a guick and complete recovery. Wanda Justice

by AuntAnnie 17d ago

Hope you quickly will return to good health.

by dlonnahawkins 17d ago

Vicki,, all of the best for you. Hoping that everything goes great and that you may soon be home. Cyber Hugs.

by gandu 17d ago

Get well soon Vicki.

by joanelle20 17d ago

We miss you ! Your designs are wonderful --- just like you! Come house your soon; your animals and husband miss you

by dragonflyer 17d ago

Vicki...I wish you a full and speedy recovery...We love and miss you! Kim