by sewmom 20d ago


As a birthday gift to myself I am giving myself the gift of time. To do that I will not be doing the freebie post anymore and will seriously reduce my collecting of designs. I will still see you occasionally on the site. I wish you all fun sewing days!


by arisann 3d ago

Happy Birthday! Thank you for all you've helped with through the years You have blessed me... us all!

by pennifold 3d ago

Well done for all your hard work over the years. I always had a look at your posts, but don't collect free designs. I hope you get to relax now and enjoy just having time to sew and reflect. Love Chris

by hightechgrammy 3d ago

You have served this group for YEARS and Years. Thank you so much for access to all those designs. I have folders and folders of designs I can easily access right at my fingertips. Thank You. Please do feel very much appreciated, AND do feel very good about giving up this huge responsibility you have fulfilled. Please do just be a Cutie and chat and stitch and share. Sometimes we just need to stand back and give ourselves what we need. Hugs, Jan

by dlonnahawkins 8d ago

Velated Happy Birthday and enjoy your very special gift to yourself. We all need TIME.
Thank you for all the efforts you have done with compiling those lists

by anitapatch 9d ago

Time is a very good gift. Congratulations

by sewtired 13d ago

Happy Birthday and congrats for giving this gift to yourself. Wish I could break out of my rut, I'm too OCD. Thanks for your selfless service for so long.

by peafarm 14d ago

Thanking you for the list you've prepared thru the yrs. Hoping you will be posting more of your projects using your collections. I love seeing them in use and wished I'd do the same. Maybe when strength is gathered up again.

by 02kar Moderator 19d ago

A very happy birthday to you. I think it is a wonderful gift to give to yourself, family and friends. We can never say thank you enough for the tens of thousands of hours you have given to us all. I hope you will pop in more than occasionally and post the projects you will be making from your collected designs.

by jrob Moderator 19d ago

A great birthday gift! Happy birthday and happy retirement from Freebie's!

by tinfriend 19d ago

Happy Birthday to you & enjoy your special day! Sincere thanks for all you did for us as I would have missed so much! Take special care! HUGS

by zoefzoef 19d ago

happy birthday and thanks for all the effort !!

by dollygk 19d ago

Happy Birthday dear and you did a great service for us all!!! Enjoy some 'me' time and laugh more!!!

by dragonflyer 20d ago

Happy Birthday and thank you so much for all of your hard work and dedication for the past too many years to count... You are loved and appreciated more than you know...

by fannyfurkin 20d ago

Happy birthday and take care of you, I hope you enjoy your new found time, I know how time-consuming these things can be. Thank you for all the work you have done finding and sharing the free designs.

by graceandham 20d ago

Have a great time! Congrats!

by asterixsew Moderator 20d ago

A huge thank you for what you have done here. Time is precious and as I get older I value it more and more so enjoy doing what you want to and have fun with your ‘me time’

by gerryvb 20d ago

I can imagine you made that decision. I know because it took too much from my time too. But I do hope you will be here often, thank you for all you did, and enjoy the " me-time"

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gerryvb by gerryvb 20d ago

and happy birthday !!

by rescuer Moderator 20d ago

Bless you for all your work here. I hope to see you often. Always a flower for you!