by basketkase 11 Nov 2023

Update re: Vicki. Diagnosis is Large B cell Lymphoma. In addition to radiation, Vicki starts kemo treatment Monday.


by graceandham 17 Nov 2023

Tell Vicki I'm in her corner - praying hard and often.

by grammaheh1 13 Nov 2023

Thank you so much for the update on Vicki's diagnosis. Sending prayers your way for Vicki, you, and the rest of your family. Hopefully, the cancer treatment and pain meds will alleviate any pain.

by sewtired 12 Nov 2023

My heart is with you. So tough to be going through this. More prayers!

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by jrob Moderator edited 13 Nov 2023

Well, now we know the name of the enemy and can call it out! So thankful for the medical advances in theis horrific disease. The treatments are brutal, but as, my hubby said, I can live with it. Please tell your darling wife we are praying for her, for you, and for her medical team.♥!

by shirley124 12 Nov 2023

Sending prayers.

by mad14kt 12 Nov 2023

May the POWER of the Lord show mightily to heal and deliver 100%. May a testimony of His Goodness be your portion. I touch and agree that God will do His will and He's to just to every lose a case. In Jesus Name, I pray be HEALED and Made Whole. AMEN!!!

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noah by noah 12 Nov 2023

Amen i second this prayer Lord

by sharonleekesner 12 Nov 2023

She is in my daily prayers, thank you for the update.

by peafarm 12 Nov 2023

Continuing prayers for this special lady and for you, Jim. I'm glad the medical team looked into her symptoms instead of brushing her off as some do. Thank you for her update.

by sdrise 12 Nov 2023

Prayers still coming ... Oh my... Thanks for the update again Jim.. Take care of our Gal as you always do. Tell her we are all asking for her and give her hugs.. Suzanne

by gerryvb 12 Nov 2023

thanks again for the update, prayers for recovery, and hugs...

by tinfriend 12 Nov 2023

Prayers are with you both for a full recovery!HUGS

by judigs 12 Nov 2023

Saying a prayer.

by sewmom 11 Nov 2023

I'm so sorry to hear this. She is lucky to have you by her side.

by sebsews 11 Nov 2023

Thank you for keeping us updated. Sending prayers to both of you. Suzanna

by dragonflyer 11 Nov 2023

So sorry to hear this, glad Vicki is getting the treatments she need for a recovery...sending love and light to you both...

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by rescuer Moderator edited 12 Nov 2023

May God bless you both. 🙏

by rachap 11 Nov 2023

Although this may be difficult journey, successful new treatments are discovered every day, Prayers that her medical staff will do anything and everything that will safely rid her of this dreadful disease and that she will be able to tolerate the treatments AND regain her good health.

by 02kar Moderator 11 Nov 2023

Thank you for this update. My prayers for pain relief and no issues but positive improvement are going up as I type. Gentle hugs are being sent to both of you via the internet.