by basketkase 08 Nov 2023

Vicki, Basketkasedesigns remains in the hospital. She has had numerous CT scans and MRI scans. They did a biopsy yesterday and appears to be lymphoma, mostly attacking her spine. Although the pathology report is due back this afternoon, they are planning to start radiation later today. 10 days of radiation. That sums up what is know at this point. Jim


by peafarm 16 Nov 2023

Thank you for updating all of us Cuties. I think this is the greatest group of people in the world and you know you can depend on all of our prayers being said for Vickie. I just finished my 25th radiation and back to chemo but all these glorious people keep me going with all the strength and hope. This place is a place where I haven't found censorship so keep updating us, we'll keep praying for the Miracle to happen.

by dailylaundry 16 Nov 2023

I have been away for over a month now and I am so sad to hear our dear Vicki health. Please Jim, (and I know you have so much on your plate right now) continue to let us know how Vicki is doing!! She and you are in my prayers. Vicki is a warrior!!! Loads of prayers, love and hugs, Laura

by mad14kt 14 Nov 2023

May the Lord hear the cries of this group concerning Vicki! God is able to do EVERYTHING that man can't even comprehend!!! I pray a MIRACLE will walk into her life SUDDENLY!!! Father God show up mightily and show out concerning this situation. Leave this report, the doctors and every negative report in AWE!!! I've seen cancer bow to you LORD and this case is not different!!! I touch and agree with your word Father God. There is nothing to hard for you. Please keep her loved ones encouraged and wrapped up in your love. In Jesus Name I count it done. AMEN!!! You are Alpha and Omega!!!!

by sylvestrer 10 Nov 2023

Prayers sent for you Vicki.

by cfidl 10 Nov 2023

Get well soon Vicki, and thank you Jim for the update. I can not imagine what you are feeling right now. Prayers for you both.

by zoefzoef 10 Nov 2023

wishing her all the best!!!

by mariagiannina 10 Nov 2023

Please pass on our good wishes, thinking of you both.

by sewmadau 09 Nov 2023

Please pass on my very positive thoughts and best wishes.

by sllakin 09 Nov 2023

Thank you for letting us know of Vicki's condition. Please know you both are in my thoughts and prayers!

by jrob Moderator 09 Nov 2023

Jim, thank you for taking the time to inform us of Vicki's situation. Please know that I will be in prayer for her and for you. Take care of yourself as she will certainly need you ,and as you find a minute here and there, let us know if our prayer direction should need to change. Tell her we love and miss her and are in her corner! That spine pain is in another realm!

by 02kar Moderator 09 Nov 2023

Jim, our prayers will not stop for Vicki, you and the medical team. Keep your eyes focused on God and depend on His strength and tell satin to go away. I know you are the 2nd best caregiver n the world. Sorry, but my handsome hubby is the best and first. Be sure o take care f you. I know this is wearing you down.

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tonilee by tonilee 10 Nov 2023

pray with out ceasing as the bible tells us to do and tell satin to go back where he belongs

by tonilee 09 Nov 2023

i am so very sorry, i don't have words to describe the sorrow we all are feeling. prayers for you both

by dlonnahawkins 09 Nov 2023

I hate to hear this but wishing the best for both of you. Prayers continue

by toogie 09 Nov 2023

I’m at a loss for words. Give Vicki my love.

by sdrise 09 Nov 2023

Thanks for the updates.. Prayers continue .. Tell her we all are asking for her. Sending Hugs Suzanne

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by gerryvb edited 09 Nov 2023

thank you so much for keeping us updated. prayers will continue for the both of you. Please give her our love, support and hugs..

by dragonflyer 09 Nov 2023

Thank you for the update, Jim. Give her our love as we continue to send prayers to both of you.

by maleah 09 Nov 2023

Sorry to hear. Prayers for healing for her

by sewtired 08 Nov 2023

So sorry to hear this, but glad you shared with us so that we can keep our prayers up to date. We care about what you both are going through.

by sebsews 08 Nov 2023

Thanks for the information, sending warm hugs and prayers.

by grammaheh1 08 Nov 2023

Thank you Jim for keeping us informed about Vicki. Prayers your way for Vicki and you. Hopefully, the cancer treatment starts working quickly, so she can get some relief from all of the pain she is having.

by crafter2243 Moderator 08 Nov 2023

Again thank you Jim for keeping us informed. Sending hugs to Vicki and continuing prayers for the both of you.

by pcteddyb 08 Nov 2023

Nothing but good thoughts for you and Vicki.

by graceandham 08 Nov 2023

So sorry for this diagnosis and now we know to turn our prayers to focus on this diagnosis and her stamina, treatment and recovery in the coming weeks. Stay strong you two.

by asterixsew Moderator 08 Nov 2023

Jim thanks for the update on Vicki and sorry to hear the news. Please send her my love and positive thoughts for both of you

by rescuer Moderator 08 Nov 2023

I am so sorry! The spine...Hug her and send her my love.