by noah 23d ago

The last of the towel for now i need to finish that quilt i started last Cmas lol for my sisters only boy and his only boy.


by genin 13d ago

I like yours designs !

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noah by noah 12d ago

Thank-you xx

by lidiad 19d ago

I like them all but that poinsettia is absolutely beautiful! Well done.
Hugs, Lidia

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noah by noah 12d ago

Thanks Aunt Lidia xx

by peafarm 20d ago

These are all so lovely....Love that poinsettia. I want to get my mojo back but that isn't happening yet. I have a baby stocking to make. Glad you got your towels done and now starting back on your quilt.

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noah by noah 20d ago

Thanks my pea farmer xxxxxxxxx

by sonjapotgieter 20d ago

Stunning!!!Great work!!!

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noah by noah 20d ago

Thank-you 4 your kind words

by sllakin 22d ago

Oh, I love all of these! Make sure you check your Messages here - I sent you one that is urgent and I don't have any other way to contact you! Hugs my friend!

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noah by noah 22d ago

yes i read it all is ok now .Wish some people would get a day job:(:(

by toogie 22d ago

Oh my! That red design is gorgeous! Is the stabilizer still under the design because I can’t see the plush of the towel between the red stitching? Love it!

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noah by noah edited 22d ago

just wws got all fixed now:(:(

by Tu2ml 23d ago

Lovely towels. Are these also for your craft sale?

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noah by noah 23d ago