by dollygk 16 Sep 2023

Cuties, Hi... I made these dish towels for my sister, but first I had to digitize the chickens. I found these in my stach of clipart that were freebies at one time or other. AND I managed to make them in one continueous stitching of one color work. I'm pretty proud of this work and how they stitched out!


by orao 16 Sep 2023

Very nice

by markus 16 Sep 2023


by 02kar Moderator 16 Sep 2023

You did a beautiful job and they are extra special because you digitized them yourself.

by toogie 16 Sep 2023

Amazing! I would be proud as well, if I could accomplish that. I do good just to download a design and get it on my machine- lol

by Tu2ml 16 Sep 2023

These chickens turned out beautifully. Your sister will love them, and even more since you digitized the artwork yourself. That takes a lot of skill to create continuous line designs. Great job!

by mops Moderator 16 Sep 2023

Well done Dolly, they look ever so cute. Doesn't it make you proud you managed the no-breaks line? It is always quite a challenge but worth the effort.