by noah 12 Sep 2023

Help Does anyone remember the free program that when you put your curser over a design it will show you the design in the jpeg?


by graceandham 18 Sep 2023

My program costs money, but it displays the files as pics from the beginning without me having to open anything. I never open the program - it all works in the background. It's ImageMaker by Floriani, 13 years ago it was $99 and you could get it at an event for $79. Still working and so worth it for quick searching. Hope you find a freebie you like.

by peafarm 17 Sep 2023

I have BuzzXplore I use all the time but you have to bring your design up to view, then you can convert to other formats or change type of pic name such as .jpg or .png--I usually convert pictures as jpg's. There is a way to click on a picture of a design that is in its own box or frame by right clicking on it and then in the list that comes up on your computer page you can select 'save image as' I do that all the time to when I want a picture with the design in my files that does not contain a picture. There is also [and this is what I use] program called Screen Capture. I select a box and it will bring up a red corner and I drag it over the design I want the picture of to 'capture' that design as a pic. Save it with my design. Easy to view without opening up the whole embroidery design in software. Hope this helps. Patti

by Tu2ml 13 Sep 2023

Caroline - I’m not sure, but would it called something like Buzz Tools? I think that free program has been discontinued, but they had updated programs you can download for a trial. Good luck, and please let us know when you find it.

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noah by noah 13 Sep 2023

Might be Thanks

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by dollygk edited 13 Sep 2023

This would be neat!! But if I'm not mistaken this feature is built into the web page... I'm waiting to see other answers... Dolly

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noah by noah 13 Sep 2023

no it was a program .I used to have it .