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by graceandham ( edited 10 Sep 2023 ) 10 Sep 2023

Every so often you learn something by happening upon it. I've been checking around in my Word files today to find out who the space hoggers are and got a shock. Any of your embroidery files that use your writing app to open and view MAY just decide to reside there. A one page document from Kiwi turned into 6000 KB. And I don't need it to reside there. Also some really useful articles from online, I discovered needed to have the photos removed to cut from some 800 KB to 14. Look around. You may have some space hogs, too. Kudos and thanks to the digitizers who give us PDF's or JPEG's instead. I also found one (really old file) that gave me an image of the embroidery in a spreadsheet file!


by peafarm 17 Sep 2023

I am like you somewhat. I don't like files with attached info and turns out to be large numbers. Some designs contain their 'catalog' with every single set and also ways to manipulate or have colorways and their samples. These add up in size to files thus using a lot of space on your computer. I even consider .png and change it to .jpg [these are smaller KB files.] I know .png are supposed to be used better with certain software if you are digitizing or a digitizer and can manipulate the design or change it somewhat. I don't so I try saving to the smallest size I can picture wise. I also try to condense my .pdf instructions so I select what pages I want to save since there are some useless pages attached. I also use a screen capture that saves as jpg and I will just number the pages I capture as jpg and forget a large pdf. I was wondering one time why my hard drive was filling up so fast. People would be amazed at how much space they can save. I also delete files I will never use for certain machines. Thanks for bringing this subject up.

by markus 11 Sep 2023

Thank you

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graceandham by graceandham 11 Sep 2023

Hope it makes room on your device for more pretty embroidery.

by 02kar Moderator 11 Sep 2023

You are so clever to figure this out. I am computer literate enough to do email and my simple embroidery. Can you come to my house and help me figure this out?

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graceandham by graceandham 11 Sep 2023

No can do - I'm a caretaker. What I started noticing was in the list of my file names to open, extremely high numbers to the right of the filenames versus fairly low numbers for others. It just looked wrong. Well I was storing a lot of Getty images in my word processor!