by theduchess 14 Aug 2023

I have a question: Has anyone ever used or heard about an embroidery site:

I was checking a design for tea towels that I thought was unusual. Design is called Crinoline Lady towel . Thanks in advance for any help.


by babash 16 Aug 2023

I have used a number of their designs from both of their sites. Everyone stitched out very well. They have very clear instructions as well, I believe it is a South Africa site but you buy in American dollars.

by powagrl 15 Aug 2023

Embroidery Weekly is owned by Colleen Roberts who has been digitizing since 2003, with her previous sites Bargain Embroidery Store and Threads n Scissors (both now closed).
Embroidery Weekly designs are also sold on Oregon Patch Works and Secrets of Embroidery.
The designs are well digitized, with clear and concise step by step instructions. Lately Colleen has been offering a 48 hour sale on select designs on weekends. weekends.

by sewmadau 14 Aug 2023

I have tried a couple of freebies from Embweekly and they stitch out fine. Why not see if they have any freebies and try out for yourself if you are not too sure about the quality.
I got my free designs through OPW you could try there also. Just a couple of suggestions for you.

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by toogie edited 14 Aug 2023

I’ve not heard of the site you mentioned but I googled crinoline lady and found some. I’m sure you have already searched, Sorry I can’t help.
Is this it?

If so, design says towel topper

sewmadau by sewmadau 14 Aug 2023

Stitchingart is an Australian site, Cathy Parke does the most unusual designs, they stitch out beautifully.
Being an Aussie myself I can recommend her work, of course I am not bias "G"

toogie by toogie 14 Aug 2023

Here is showing how it’s made.