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by zoefzoef ( edited 06 Aug 2023 ) 06 Aug 2023

Hi all ! I hope everybody is doing fine.

Question: who can digitize this logo for me ?
The text on bottom right may be ignored.
Rgds Linda


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by mops Moderator edited 10 Aug 2023

Heb je een boodschap gestuurd. Sent you a PM

by AuntAnnie 07 Aug 2023

Actually, that text (logo) on the bottom right is very important. It indicates that "Greetings" owns this design. Use outside of that website likely would need their written permission. Just as you did here when registering at Cute, be sure to check their policies regarding use of copyright protected content.

zoefzoef by zoefzoef 08 Aug 2023

thanks I have already discussed that with the owner. We're ok on this matter..

AuntAnnie by AuntAnnie 08 Aug 2023

Thank you for following the proper channels. It would be kind to let us know permissions have been granted in your initial request.

rescuer by rescuer 09 Aug 2023

auntannie, were you offering to digitize the design?
The moderators check digitizing requests. zoefzoef has been a member here for a VERY long time. She is one of the Cuties that understands the rules. She doesn't need to announce her compliance in the forum. If you have questions about a request, ask the moderators in a PM please.

by asterixsew Moderator 06 Aug 2023

Linda I have used basketkase a number of times. Excellent results and a fair price.