by knitty46 04 Aug 2023

Hi everyone I'm in need of looking for a design project. I'M looking for a machine embroidery In The Hoop Design Wrap forFolgers Coffee Containers. I know there is a design because I had it, but my computer crashed with 60,000 images, designs, pdf's and instructions. i just need the name of the company. but it will be my luck it is closed. so any help I would be greatful for.

Thank you
Rhoda Bailey aka knitty46


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by awesome1 edited 06 Aug 2023

Knitty, I hope you find the design…I searched the 'net yesterday- unsuccessful! I love my Folgers containers— use for so many things and would love to have the wrap pattern for them. I’m not smart enough to create myself!

by rescuer Moderator 04 Aug 2023

Most computer "crashes" are due to components other than the hard drive (where all the files reside). A good tech can get all those files back to you. It is worth looking into.

by graceandham 04 Aug 2023

Might be easier to measure your can and overlap, add length enough for Velcro and stitch on regular sewing machine? And I don't often switch to THAT machine for anything.