by bemara 04 Aug 2023

hat jemand von euch Erfahrung mit Foto-stitch, ich habe eine tolle Datei gefunden leider zu groß, dabei steht verkleinern nicht möglich. Stimmt das? Habt ihr Erfahrungen gemacht? Danke für eure Hilfe.

Does anyone of you have experience with photo stitch, I found a great file unfortunately too large, it says reduce not possible. Is this true? Have you had any experience? Thanks for your help.


by mrskiki 04 Aug 2023

I know that you cannot reduce (or enlarge) cross-stitch or freestanding lace designs as they will get distorted. I would assume the same applies for this specialty technique. Hugs. Nan

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bemara by bemara 07 Aug 2023

Hi Nan, before I throw money out the window, I'd rather let it be, hugs Maria