by toogie 28 May 2023

Hi Cuties! I have another panel quilt top to share with you. I hope you’re not tired of seeing them, but posting them helps me keeps a better record of them, in case I forget to take any pictures. I believe I said the last post one of our presentations was rescheduled, so we didn’t have to have all 16 quilts ready for next week. Whew!

Thursday however, when I went to our meeting Sharon said she thought when we present a panel quilt maybe all given that day should be panel quilts. She said she had overheard a lady say, at one of the ceremonies, how pretty the panel quilt was and wish that was the one her husband had received.
When I came home and told my husband he asked if that meant I needed to make them all! He knows that very few make panel quilts besides me. I know my friends Martha has only made one that I remember and RoAnn has made several. They did well on them but don’t like the figuring needed to fit the pieces around the panel. I think in Sharon’s big binder there are some panel patterns but if you have to adjust the size of the panel, by adding fabric to it, because it wasn’t printed square they don’t want to figure in seams and all that.
I had just finished the panel top I posted before this one on Wednesday. I told my hubby I didn’t know what I would work on the next day at the meeting because I didn’t have anything in mind.
Has a notion or idea just hit you out of the blue and you just went with it? Well Thursday morning when I woke up I had an urge to make hourglass or quarter square triangles. I don’t know if I had ever made the Ohio Star block before but I thought id use the qt sq or hourglass as the points in the Ohio Star. So I hurriedly cut out my 6 inch blues and 6 inch white squares and took off for my meeting. I had planned for some reason on making 12 Star blocks so I made 48 hourglass that day.
Friday I made the stars out of 4 hourglass, 4 blue squares and 1 white sq. After I realized I needed 8 more Stars to get my QOV size my idea of making a top with just all star blocks went out the window.
I found this panel so I placed the stars around it. I still would need a few more Star blocks to go around if I didn’t alternate another 12 inch block in between the stars. So I made one red/white/red stripe block and asked my hubby if it looked ok. He said yes so I made 9 more.
Since the space between the panel and the blocks needed to be filled I chose to just add the blue. Anything else to me would have been too busy and this way the panel stands out. That is my interpretation anyway.
I know I have seen stripes used in blocks before and we have made stars over and over, but I am pleased with the finish. I enjoyed making the Ohio Star, too. I still have it lying on my family room floor since I finished yesterday because I am enjoying looking at it-lol
Sheila, one of our leaders, picked up two of these panels at a fabric shop she was visiting, for me. I hope I wake up with as good of a brainstorm for the next panel- lol-
Please don’t think think (and if you really know me you won’t think ) that I’m tooting my own horn. I just wanted to let you know how the idea evolved even though I had no set plan. I don’t think you can go wrong when it comes to red/white/blue, it makes up great. To me, having more red in this one is cheerful.
It came out a little shy of 60 inch wide. 59 x 82
Also, yesterday the drugstore called that my photo book was ready. I had went over to my sister-in-law’s to get some green onions she had for me out of her garden. This is the photos from our family trip. So when I got back, off we went to pick it up. I was disappointed in the quality of the pages. My daughter Marsha said it looked like the printer roller left lines in the prints. I told her I thought so too, but hubby said accept them so it is what it is. The cover also was a disappointment. It looks like poster paper glued to the cover instead of the picture printed directly to the cover as shown on the internet. 😔 sigh
The family is the front cover, the back cover is me & hubby on the Foothills Parkway bridge and then the book opened. Even our girls faces are foreheads pink and rest of face a yellowish color. (Sigh again) so I got all but two of the photo shoot in the book and those two were of me and hub. 214 pictures. Some are whole page like our girls here and some are like the other page. I think I could 11 full pages. Anyway a keepsake for our trip and Marsha also got one for Eva, for her a keepsake/graduation present.
I know this is a long read but I hope you had a cup of coffee like I did while posting-lol Have a great day my friends ❤️Toogie


by cfidl 29 May 2023

You have a lovely family. The girls have grown up and the boy look so handsome. Love your work as always. Best wishes and hugs.

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toogie by toogie 29 May 2023

Thanks Christine, just wish our son could have gone too.

by sebsews 29 May 2023

Once again you created a beautiful quilt. You are amazing! Sorry the album did not turn out the way you hoped but the memories will always be with you.

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toogie by toogie 29 May 2023

Thank you and yes, we all will have good memories of this time, pictures or not.

by dragonflyer 28 May 2023

Beautiful quilt top, Toogie... I love panel quilts. To me they tell a story in each and every one.

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toogie by toogie 28 May 2023

I remember when I saw my first panel quilt. I just thought it was so pretty. I like the panel quilts but I also like the traditional and some of the modern. Thanks for commenting and looking.

by sewtired 28 May 2023

Toogie, I love the story of the evolution of the quilt and it is just perfect. I'm sorry that your photo album didn't turn out the way you expected. It seems there are so many that don't take pride in their work these days. It's just a job. You are such an exception to this. By taking pride, I don't mean boastful, but wanting to do the best that can be done.

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toogie by toogie 28 May 2023

You expressed what I feel and meant to say. I love sharing because I want you to feel how I feel. Taking a piece, or pieces, of fabric and doing something with it is always satisfying for me. As far as the album I looked at it several times today-lol

by asterixsew Moderator 28 May 2023

Toogie I am going to read this later when my family let me concentrate

asterixsew by asterixsew 28 May 2023

Toogie it is always great to read how something evolves. The idea to finished product takes a while and it is obvious from seeing your work that a huge amount of effort goes into the quilts you create. This quilt is spectacular and is going to be cherished by someone. Hope you don’t have to make panel quilts for everyone who already has a quilt without a panel. Sorry your photo book isn’t quite what you hoped for.

toogie by toogie 28 May 2023

I enjoyed looking at my book today and not concentrating so much on the defects. I’m glad you came back to read my post. I know how hectic it can get when family come in. I also know it is so quiet before they come and after they leave-lol It seems like there are 3 or 4 conversations going at once! As always thank you