by Tu2ml 13 Apr 2023

Made this fabric box to organize some of my fat quarter stash. Should probably make several more...


by arisann 11 May 2023

This is so nice, so glad to hear and see it is for you! we do for others so much and not a lot of things to show in our sew rooms for ourself. Great Job and idea!

by hightechgrammy 02 May 2023

OH that is CUTE!

by asterixsew Moderator 24 Apr 2023

I am not sure why I haven't commented before - sorry. This is beautiful and a great way to store your fabrics. Seeing our stash is far better than it being in a cupboard or drawer hidden from view

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Tu2ml by Tu2ml 24 Apr 2023

Thank you. I agree, it’s much better to see all our beautiful fabrics out on display. It helps me to get the creative ideas flowing.

by zoefzoef 24 Apr 2023

super nice !
wel organized !!

by laffma1 23 Apr 2023

Really nice. Great for organizing smaller items in the craft room. Love the design you chose.

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Tu2ml by Tu2ml 24 Apr 2023

Thanks, yes, great for storing all sorts of things and can be made any size.

by pennifold 18 Apr 2023

Great work Tutu, (sorry shortened your avatar) I love these little boxes. I've made a couple and they are fun. Most of my fabrics are in big black and gold fold out boxes. I like the fact that you can see yours much better than mine. I've got to search through 16 boxes to get to my stuff. Love Chris

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Tu2ml by Tu2ml edited 18 Apr 2023

Thanks. Had mine in a drawer and just wanted to get them out where I could see them all at a glance. We are quickly acquiring new family members, and these fat quarters come in handy when making small, quick gifts for the little ones.
“Tu” is fine. Thanks again.

by toogie 18 Apr 2023

Love, love, love your basket and fabrics, inside the basket and the basket fabrics their selves. I too have seen this somewhere on the net and colors were similar.

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Tu2ml by Tu2ml 18 Apr 2023

Thank you. I used the leftovers that were cut off jelly roll strips from a baby project. Now my cousin wants one just like it, so I’ll need to save some pieces for when she comes to visit this summer and we can make it together.

by sewmadau 17 Apr 2023

Lovely box, the colours are spectacular. Several boxes around your sewing room will look great, I just cannot imagine so many fat quarters in one place, other than a shop. "G" Fifty in the box, oh my goodness, what are you going to do with all of them. I have a few and can never think what to do with them, but then again I am not a quilter. Beautiful work.

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Tu2ml by Tu2ml 18 Apr 2023

Thanks. I didn’t realize I had such a large stash until I emptied my drawer to clean, and organize things. There were a few duplicates, and I figured if I store them where they can be clearly seen, I would know my inventory better.

by genin 17 Apr 2023

What a beautiful Fabrics Box !

by grammaheh1 14 Apr 2023

Awesome! Love the colors you used and you can see all of the different fabrics without searching through a box.

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Tu2ml by Tu2ml edited 17 Apr 2023

Thank you. Yes, that’s exactly what I wanted to do. Get them out of the drawer and into plain sight on my shelf.

by dailylaundry 14 Apr 2023

Love love love this - Colors are perfect!!

by markus 14 Apr 2023


by malemb 14 Apr 2023

Love the triangles theme. Very cheerful, and useful item for a sewing room. That holds a lot of fabrics.

by babolucia 14 Apr 2023

So pretty and practical!

by dixie 13 Apr 2023

Lovely what a great idea. Did you have a pattern for this or was you very clever and did it yourself Thanks

Tu2ml by Tu2ml 13 Apr 2023

Thanks. I didn’t have a pattern, but I did see a picture of an oval zipped case with the flying geese design. So I started there and made up my own rectangular size, knowing that I wanted to be able to squeeze at least 50 fat quarters into it.

dixie by dixie 17 Apr 2023

Very Clever it is a great idea

by graceandham 13 Apr 2023

Very attractive. Make 8 or 10 more (different) and you could enter a contest for most beautiful stash! Okay, if there were such a contest!

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Tu2ml by Tu2ml 13 Apr 2023

Thank you. Hmm, not 8. But 3 more would probably be enough (for now!!). I can stuff up to 50 fat quarters in this one.