by peafarm 19 Mar 2023

Our charity dress project has ended now. I didn't want a lady that cut bodices and sleeves to feel bad since no one was grabbing her cut items to cut the skirts from donated fabrics so while our leader was packing things away I grabbed up a bunch of them and pulled out fabrics for the skirts. The first 2 times I stitched many dresses was from my own stash. Well, I ended up with 17 more dresses I finished and ready to put with the rest of them for pick up---we now have over 125 dresses. I am not sure of the exact count but I do know I stitched and cut out over half of these. No more dresses until hopefully next yr.


by sebsews 05 Apr 2023

I am proud of you for finishing these beautiful dresses and donating them to a great charity. I can vision the girls dancing in their new pretty dresses.

by pennifold 03 Apr 2023

Hi Patti, wow, these are just gorgeous and bless you for taking on such a lot of them to finish. I know the children who will receive them will love the gorgeous fabrics. Congratulations on a job well done, love Chris

by jrob Moderator 03 Apr 2023

That's wonderful! Such pretty little dresses. The children and their parents will be so proud of these!

by hightechgrammy 02 Apr 2023

These are absolutely wonderful! These little girls will be thrilled to have such sweet dresses! Thank you for doing these. God bless you!

by toogie 02 Apr 2023

Great job! I know they will be sent where the need is and will be much appreciated. Thanks for helping clothe these children.

by noah 02 Apr 2023

Are these dresses you make from a pillow case?there lovely

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peafarm by peafarm 02 Apr 2023

No, these were a separate bodice and sleeve template I drew out from measurements given for age groups and about a 27 to 29 inch length of fabric across the width of fabric to gather or pleat for the skirt to add to the bodice when sewn together. Elastic is in the neckline but the lady that head the program up said leave sleeves without elastic because they would be cooler in their climate. I have done pillowcase dresses before though.

by 02kar Moderator 19 Mar 2023

Hugs to you for your kindness and generosity of your time. I have no doubt your efforts will bring joy to each one of the girls who receive them.

peafarm by peafarm 22 Mar 2023

I have no clue who will receive them. They are international charities and Dr's Without Borders I am told. I decided not to post a size on them because of so many varients: are the tall, skinny, a size 4 could fit a size 5 or 6 because I made them all longer than the specified chart. My group leader said 'well, someone will cut them off and re-hem according to size' I told her I don't think so and I thought the 3T was way to short so I decided to make everything long for if they squat or as I said skinny, tall or whatever. The people passing them out can judge their size I feel. I was happy to do this project but now after so many I am tired of it. Maybe next yr. we will begin again.

hightechgrammy by hightechgrammy 02 Apr 2023

I think you had a good idea about that. You just don't know who will be wearing them. The people passing them out will know best and place them best.

by Tu2ml 19 Mar 2023

Such cute little dresses, in a great variety of colors. The children will be thrilled to receive and wear these. You did a wonderful sewing them. Must have taken you quite awhile to make so many.

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peafarm by peafarm 22 Mar 2023

I would do them a little at a time. I'd sit at my serger and do everything I could with that. Then at night during t.v. I would attach the skirt to the bodice so when I went to my sewing room before bedtime I could sit and serge those on. Then at another night I would go up and hem sleeves and skirt and add elastic while making the neck casing. It just flowed so nicely for me as I can never spend too long in my sewing room it seems. Thank you very much.

by gerryvb 19 Mar 2023

wow, great job !!

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peafarm by peafarm 22 Mar 2023

Thank you. They were a pleasure to do. I just got an update on the total. We donated 128 dresses, this included 8 that someone stitched using a little knit t-shirt and added the little skirts.

by asterixsew Moderator 19 Mar 2023

Well it looks like you have been very busy creating these. Congratulations to all involved

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peafarm by peafarm 22 Mar 2023

We worked on these and had a few volunteers that came that is not in my sewing club. They said they had fun making them and wanted to do more but our leader called an end to this project. This last group I brought home to do was because a lady that decided she liked the project cut bodices and sleeves from her own fabric stash, then decided to come and watch everyone. I felt bad since no one was cutting skirts to sew with her already cut things so as things were being packed up I grabbed up a bunch and matched it to some donated fabric I knew I could get the skirts out of. I ended up with 17. I have 2 sets to take back to my extension office where we gather club meetings because I got at the end of my wits doing them.