by dlonnahawkins 18 Mar 2023

I wanted to give an update on my husband, as things are looking a lot better. He had his 2-month exam by oncologist last week, and his test shows a good result so far. He has to go back for more testing and additional visits with urologist. But this has not been a good year for us so far this year. Both of us were sick in December, then both got very sick in January, and primary care physician would not see either of us because we were sick. We had tele-visits with them, and prescriptions were called in, but we had a terrible cough for close to 6 weeks. Then in February, we were exposed to Norovirus and hubby caught it and lost 15 pounds in 4 days. Luckily, I did not catch it, for I had to put all my efforts into taking care of him. So, I have not been on the sites too much. So far, he is regaining his weight and his strength, and today is the first time in several months that we have been able to go out and just walk. He has to use a cane, for he now gets weak and dizzy spells, but slowing getting his energy back.

Thank you all for the prayers that were sent up for him.
Blessings to you all.


by airyfairy 19 Mar 2023

So very sorry you have had a bad start to the year. Hope you are now both feeling better.

by 02kar Moderator 19 Mar 2023

My goodness, you and your hubby had a terrible end to 2022 and beginning of 2023. I'm so glad that things are looking better for you both. I hope his tests continue to look better and better, and you both are able to totally recover from being so sick.

by asterixsew Moderator 19 Mar 2023

Thanks for the update and sorry to hear about the problems along the way.

by peafarm 19 Mar 2023

I am so glad to hear there is progress but you still just never know about this Novovirus. I went to my primary care Dr. for for my regular 6 month ck.-described my 'cold'. She asked if I ck'd for Covid and said no, I am feeling fine and no fever, just the throat, small cough and lots of phlegm. She said that is the Covid virus out now---not to test but her daughter had the same thing and tested positive. I am also scheduled for MRI for lesion on my live first part of April. Continued prayers for you both. You both sound like you got a bad dose of that virus.

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dlonnahawkins by dlonnahawkins 19 Mar 2023

Hoping all goes well for you. My daughter had this same stuff in January. She tested herself for COVID at home, and it was negative. Got so bad so couldn't breathe, and her husband took her to ER. They tested her for COVID and the flu - and she did have COVID.

by graceandham 19 Mar 2023

So glad to hear from you and read all this! You both continue in my prayers.

by dailylaundry 18 Mar 2023

Oh my, you both have had a lot on your plate!!! We also were super sick in December (terrible cough) - we even missed our son's wedding because we were pretty much bedridden!! I hope you both continue to feel better each and every day and your husband continues to get good test results! Hugs to you! Laura

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dlonnahawkins by dlonnahawkins 19 Mar 2023

Whatever that stuff was in sure was terrible. I know about what you said about being bed ridden. We both were that way, and were so bad that we had to have someone else take care of our little greats.